Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Manila Ocean Park Turns High-Tech & Liquid Pool Lounge's Aqua Pool Party--Summer's Best Destination!

My blogger friend Lourdes Labii trying out Manila Ocean Park's RFID bracelet.
 Looking for a place to spend your nighttime rendezvous? Searching for the hippest happenings within the Metro? Fret not and look no more! Manila Ocean Park’s Liquid Pool Lounge and Marine Theme Park’s got you covered. Manila Ocean Park introduces the latest technology to become the leading tech-savvy theme park in the Philippines.

The Blogger pass and RFID bracelet I had during the party.
Here's the RFID bracelet that allows one to update his social media in real time.
 With the advancement of technology and social media, specifically Twitter and Facebook have been used the most by Filipinos and have gained a massive number of followers from both here and abroad as people post their status, share their photos and updates on each other—the virtual world has been more accessible and Manila Ocean Park understands this. Thus, they have recently acquired an innovative solution from Europe, which they had recently launched during the Aqua Pool Party last April 28, 2012, held at the Liquid Pool Lounge.
Club and party goers line up to activate the E-RFID tag bracelet.
 The technological breakthrough device will be seen in the different popular attractions of Manila Ocean park such as Oceanarium, Jellies Exhibit, Acquatica, Trails to Antartica, Marine Life Habitat and of course, at the Liquid Pool Lounge.
Blogger Lourdes Labii shows off her bracelet that allows her to post and update her social media status in real time.
 How does it work? Guests will be asked to log in using their Facebook or Twitter account. They will be provided with an e-wrist tag, which stores their social media information and lets them share their status updates and pictures online on real time. The said technology was first introduced for inventory control and timing sporting events.

Purple Plum Fairy was able to use the said device when we were invited to the said launch. The wrist tag had a microchip similar to those time chips used in marathons and running events. I’d say I was amazed that after tapping my e-wrist tag on the device, I instantly got status post on my Facebook account saying where I am at that particular time even without manually updating my own status. And the photos I’ve had during the event, upon tapping again the said e-wrist tag on Manila Ocean Park’s innovative device, my photos were posted again on both my Facebook and Twitter accounts since I had synced both accounts on the e-wrist tag. It was really convenient on my part. My online friends at that time immediately liked my posts and it was totally amazing.
The awesome Musical Fountain Show.
 Students who go to Manila Ocean Park on field trips can also benefit from the QR (Quick Response) Code, which the theme park also provides to their guests. The tool can be very helpful for students and more convenient since information seen on labels of the attractions such as various types of fishes can be scanned using the QR code and stored on their mobile gadgets.  If you guys aren’t familiar with the QR code, these consist of square dots arranged on a white scanned background. The said code can also be accessed using Manila Ocean Park’s official website and browse through promos and check out the latest happenings in the theme park. Just like this Musical Fountain show photo, they could easily share it with their friends via the QR code.
Manila Ocean Park's Musical Fountain Show.

A delight to all audiences--the Fountain show was great!
 What’s more? Guests can now conveniently go online via free high speed Internet access in the entire park with its Wi-Fi zones. They can check their emails, share photos and send updates in real time. With this awesome technology, Manila Ocean Park is indeed the best place to go this summer. Imagine having your R and R while still connected to your online world/community—it’s like having the best of both worlds, OMG! I swear I’ve never seen a theme park this fun!
The light, sounds and story captivates the Audience.

For inquiries, visit www.manilaoceanpark.com or call 567-7777 loc. 151 and 155. Check out Liquid Pool Lounge on Facebook at www.facebook.com/liquidpoolandlounge J

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