Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What I realized from watching Ben 10

Ben Tennyson who can transform into ten different aliens through the omnitrix.

Kyle loves to watch Ben 10 on Cartoon Network. He also owns a few Ben 10 DVDs and figure toys as well. And yet, he wants some more...Every time we're at the toy store, he would ask me to buy him another toy figure in which I'd usually decline. He understands that toys aren't on my top priorities. But he never fail to try and ask. I wonder what he sees in Ben that made him so into him. Kyle had been a follower of most cartoons before, but his interest in them could never be compared to his desire and interest on Ben 10.

Ben 10 animated series is about a young boy, ten years old at that, named Ben Tennyson. He lived with his cousin Gwen and Grandfather. He was an ordinary young boy until he found an omnitrix one day. An omnitrix looked like a watch except that it could transform Ben into ten different aliens when he turns on the dial. Ben 10 had since matured, he's now into his teenage years. Cartoon Network even made Ben 10 into a movie.

I had a chance to see one of the Ben 10 episodes Kyle had been watching lately which lead me to realize a few things. I wonder, what if parents had been given the chance to possess ten parenting powers such as that of Ben 10, what would they be?

I thought hard, geez, I tell you, it's quite difficult to even think about it.  But here's my list of desired parenting powers. Check it out:

  1. Read minds--I want to be able to read minds so that I'll have an idea what they're thinking of, like if they had been lying to me all along and I'd be able to know what Kyle wants to eat without him saying, etc.
  2. Healing Powers--So that I can heal Kyle and all the other people I loved in an instant, I wouldn't need to call on a doctor anymore, I'll save time and money too.
  3. Freeze time--Yes, I'd like to have the ability to freeze time. There's always that desire in me to perpetuate each moment. I like to savor Kyle's accomplishments and our bonding activities, especially when he was still a baby. Wish I could go back into those times...
  4. Multiplicity--I want to be able to multiply myself when needed. I want to attend to Kyle's needs and be there for him when necessary but still do my own stuff of scheduled activities for the day. This way, I can easily do multi-tasking jobs. Finish my chores on time without any hassle.
  5. Power to keep my loved ones safe ALL the Time. Do I need to elaborate on this? I guess, it's what everyone wants to be sure of.
  6. Strength--Supermom. So that I can carry Kyle when his feet gets tired, I can still give him a piggy-back ride even if he's already 8 years old. I can help him carry his huge backpack to school all the way through his 3rd floor classroom without too much effort.
  7. Child-like quality forever--I think it's important that we possess a child-like attitude. No grudges, but pure in heart and a peace-loving citizen. Seeing the world in the eyes of a child makes our world a better place to live in.
  8. Power to see the future--I'd like to see the dangers coming and be able to correct mistakes as well even before they even come.
  9. Voice that encourages--I want to be that tiny voice inside Kyle's heart that keeps on encouraging him, making sure that each time he feels disheartened, I am there to cheer him up, be his rah-rah girl and effectively makes sure his spirits are up. Letting him know that he can do things if he wants to. Be able to heal his heart from all the harshness of this world.
  10. Brain power--So that I can easily breeze through his assignments and math equations with such speed. I'd like to answer all his questions and inquiries about different topics under the sun.
Mommies, how about you, what are the ten parenting powers you want to possess? I figured, watching a cartoon show on TV may also do you good afterall. Aside from being able to relax and bond with your child, you get to realize other things.

God bless everyone!


  1. my nephew also loves ben10 and his assortment of toys especially the omnitrix:)

  2. my brother loves ben10...everytime na may nakikita sya he wants it na..2years old pa lang sya.


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