Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Be Happy this Christmas!

During the Christmas season, some people feel depressed because of the Christmas carols, the nippy air and the sights, sounds, and even the smell of holidays, somehow bring back memories of sad Christmas days years ago or even the Yule seasons that will never come back again. Think you can’t be happy this season? The truth is that there’s a power pack of practical tips to make you happy not only during the holidays but throughout your life!

Happiness is a day-to-day thing. Instead of spending time worrying about the future or agonizing about the past and the things you wish you’d done differently, look at the things that are out there today. Keep track of a few things that are good. It’s a matter of choice whether you’re going to be happy or not. There are going to be hard things, but whether that’s the only thing you remember, that’s your choice. But really, there are plenty of things to be happy about no matter what the odds are.

There are two things that contribute to our own happiness. The main thing is appreciating each day and the moment you’re in right now. It’s looking around and seeing something good, like your computer is still on and hasn’t blown up. Second, follow what interests you, even if it’s different from what everyone else seems to be interested in.

Psychologists say there are five factors that add up to a happy life, and here’s the equation: Having fun+ the company of good friends + a sense of security + a feeling of belonging + a sense of achievement= HAPPINESS.


Get involved. Whether it’s a Friday night get-together or a simple group meeting, psychologist say being a part of a group will make you feel more connected and increase your self-confidence and happiness.

Choose music. When you come home from work or school, do you turn on the TV or stereo? Music enlivens the brain and soul while TV puts the brain to sleep.

Volunteer. Tutor a niece; visit a nursing home or work in a soup kitchen in your church. Volunteering gives you a sense of purpose.

Exercise. Play ball, go to the gym with a buddy, do tae-bo or simply tag along your dog to the nearest park for a leisurely walk.

Busy is better. Knowing that you have things to do is more pleasant feeling than being doomed to ennui and having nothing else to do. As they say, the best thing to do to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without it.

Smile! One study showed that people mimic the expressions of others around them. If you smile more often, you’ll be greeted with more smiles, which will make you happier.

Believe in yourself. Be your own biggest fan and you’ll really have something to cheer about.

Get some sleep. Yes, despite the hectic schedule. How much you sleep affects your moods, concentration and happiness as well.

Help. Random acts of kindness make others feel better about yourself for having done them.

Surround yourself with friends. If you really want to be happy, choose supportive friends over competitive ones.  They would make you feel better.

Merry Christmas everyone!



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