Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Nuffnang Christmas Surprise

The cute gift box I received before Christmas delivered right at my doorstep.

I went home that evening after another Christmas party and I needed to rush as I was heading for the church to hear an anticipated Misa de Gallo. Upon arriving home, my Mom told me a parcel has arrived. There was a gift for me from Nuffnang. I was surprised! I had not expected anything from anyone. But alas, there it was in fuschia pink cute gift box with golden ribbons on top. I thought it would be best to wait for Christmas day before I open the said present, but the very next day, however, I received a text message from Ms. Trixie Esguerra, the friendly lady from Nuffnang.

I became very curious, so I decided to open it soon. And voila! I found a Kodak one-time disposable camera inside with 27 shots along with a card from Johnson and Johnson's. The card said I should start taking photos of my kids especially their "milestones" and all their "first times" this season as they will start collecting the cameras in January, pretty soon, they will let me know how I'll be able to see the photos. Wow, I couldn't help but smile. Armed with no knowledge how to operate the disposable cam, I decided to take pictures of Kyle and Francine....Hmmm, I'm getting used to it faster than I thought...

Fellow bloggers, have you received your own camera by this time? Hope so...It's fun to shoot photos of our kids because these are memories that'll never come back and seeing them only on print will be for our keeping. When they'll grow up, it'll be nice to reminisce all the good times they had when they were kids.

Thank you so much, Nuffnang and J & J!

Inside was a Kodak one-time use disposable camera from J&J.

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