Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Memory Slippers

My soft purple bedroom slippers
If there's one part of my body that's most abused it's none other than my feet. I'm weighing hefty pounds on the scale and just imagine my feet carrying my body weigh each and every day is already a miracle in itself. I know that my feet also deserves some TLC and pampering, but I'm not really vain, a trip to the spa for a foot massage would probably the last on my list. So the most I could give is a simple D-I-Y massage at the comfort of my  own home and a memory slipper I've recently come across with. 

I'm not supposed to buy this slipper, but I loved anything purple--so when my eyes set on this slippers while shopping at SM Department store, I decided to purchase one right away. It only costs P299. And it felt like walking on clouds, so soft and comfy--perfect for my tired feet after a long day of walking and strolling around the mall and going to events....

The downside I think is, you always had to make sure your feet are dry before putting this slippers's only good for bedroom or inside your home but it's not suitable for the outdoors. It's available in other pastel colors like sky blue, pink and yellow.  

1 comment:

  1. love your purple slippers sis, lam mo naman we share the same purple passion!merry christmas and a meaningful holiday to you and your family!:)


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