Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Cloud Villa Is Tagaytay’s Newest Event Space with a Breathtaking Sea of Clouds


Filipinos love going all out on occasions, partially because it’s culturally ingrained in us to come together to celebrate milestones. Tagaytay, a car drive from the metro, makes an almost clear- cut choice that features serene vistas and the cold weather that takes all the brownie points.

One magical spot waiting to be discovered is The Cloud Villa, just 30 minutes from Tagaytay Rotonda offering a picturesque space inspired by Filipino architecture. With its all-glass panel windows, intricate wooden structure, and a sea of clouds as the backdrop, this venue is perfect for those seeking a calm rendezvous for their birthday or a bride wanting an elegant multi- functional venue fit for any theme.

For any celebration, convenience is always prioritized especially for traveling guests. Luckily, The Cloud Villa is situated along Nasugbu Highway. It’s near other hotspots in the city as well like Sonya’s Garden, Breakfast at Antonio’s, Twin Lakes, and Don Bosco Chapel on the Hill.

Apart from the mountaintop location, its amenities are also top-notch. The Cloud Villa can host 200 to 250 guests with a function hall sprawling 256 sqm. Clients can also enjoy the comforts of its amenities such as air conditioning, a preparation room, a caterer’s area, housekeeping, security staff, and a parking lot that can hold up to 30 cars.

Whether it’s for a big-time celebration, an intimate gathering, a prenup shoot, or a corporate function, The Cloud Villa offers you a spot among the skies. Level up your momentous occasion by complementing it with a full view of the clouds or the horizon with the hues of the sunset.

Saving this to your wishlist? You can see this villa for yourself by scheduling an ocular visit through

The Cloud Villa is along Nasugbu Highway, a Tagaytay venue space hosting weddings, birthdays, corporate functions, and other exclusive events.

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