Wednesday, September 13, 2023

What are the Various Beneficial Properties of Rose Oil?


Rose oil is among the most popular essential oils known to us and that’s not without good reason. As observed in several studies conducted over the years, rose oil has a wide range of beneficial properties. Let’s go over some of those beneficial properties next.


Rose oil in general has an impressive list of anti-aging properties that help in keeping the skin free of wrinkles, fine lines, laugh lines, sagging, and loss of lustre to name a few. However, the anti-aging properties of Afghan rose oil are even stronger than its regular counterpart. As seen on Rena Roots, Afghan rose serum can restart and/or boost collagen production to preserve your skin’s natural suppleness for years to come. When combined with other potent anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamins, rose serum gains even more potency as a hydrating agent for the skin.

Pain Relief

In 2015, a study found that rose oil can have pain relieving properties when it’s used in aromatherapy. The study showed rose oil scent to be particularly effective in relieving post surgical pain for most of the participants. It should be noted that the participants were all children, who naturally have a low threshold for pain. Therefore, the pain-relieving capabilities of rose oil scent through aromatherapy can be even more significant for adults.

Anti-Anxiety and Antidepressant

In the same study cited above, it was concluded that rose oil scent can effectively induce a heavy release of endorphins. Endorphins are highly beneficial hormones released by both the pituitary gland and the adrenal medulla. Aside from serving primarily as endogenous (internal) pain relievers, endorphins also have powerful antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties. Consequently, rose oil is used as an essential ingredient in most aromatherapy sessions where the goals are stress release and mental well-being.

Antibacterial and Antifungal

Rose oil in a stronger concentration can be deadly for several strains of harmful bacteria, such as E. Coli and staphylococcus for example. Research shows that the oil extracted from the rose flower itself has the highest potency against microbial and fungal infections. Rose oil can be used as an effective cure by humans to fight off and prevent fungal infections such as those caused by candida albicans.

Sexual Wellness

Recent studies show that roses are not just symbolic when it comes to love, but they can also have an active effect on our romantic life. The properties of rose oil that makes it useful as a sexual stimulant are not completely understood yet, but the effect has been established. According to most of the studies conducted so far, rose oil can stimulate sexual desire in both men and women.

Observations show that the stimulating effects of rose oil were strongest on people suffering from sexual dysfunction or inactivity brought on and/or strengthened by major depressive episodes. A considerable improvement in both male and female sexual desires were noted, but the effects of rose oil inhalation were found to be stronger on males. In general, a rise in dopamine and endorphin levels was cited as the cause.

As you can see, rose oil has many different uses, and a lot of them are not widely spoken about.

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