Saturday, June 17, 2023

Dairy Queen unveils cool new treats for the gigachads in your life this Father’s Day


Who comes to mind when you hear the word "gigachad"? There may be a variety of reasons why that would be their fathers for many people. Dads are protective and dependable breadwinners who also give their children an emotional and physical sense of stability. They merit a great present on Father's Day because of this!

Don't worry if you're still stumped as to what to get your dad for his special day—we've got you covered! Dairy Queen's new Father's Day Blizzard Cake and Father's Day Blizzard Topper - Amazing Blue Swirl are two limited-time deals that will make dad's day extra special.

The first is the Father's Day Blizzard Cake, which costs just P1199 for an 8-inch round cake! Enjoy a cake made entirely of ice cream, with a base of Dairy Queen's decadently creamy vanilla soft serve, a middle layer of the chain's renowned fudge and crunch, and a top layer of Oreo Blizzard. The cake is then covered in delicious blue frosting and finished with a quick massage tailored especially for him.

Not only that. The Father's Day Blizzard Topper - Amazing Blue Swirl is the cherry on top that will make every Blizzard even more satisfying, so let him know that he's the "best dad"! For an extra fee, The Amazing Blue Swirl is available with any standard, medium, or large Blizzard of your choice for an additional P10. 

The Father’s Day Blizzard Cake is available for take-out and delivery via Dairy Queen’s official channels, as well as delivery partners GrabFood, foodpanda, and Pick.A.Roo (prices may vary). Meanwhile, the

Father’s Day Blizzard Topper – Amazing Blue Swirl is available exclusively via in-store take-out. Both will be on the menu from June 13 to 18, 2023 only, so order as soon as they become available if you don’t want to miss out!

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