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How Flower Bouquets Alter with the Seasons


Flowers have their seasons. This is obvious when we look at flower shops in Bristol, which change their bouquets for special occasions. This is not only because certain flowers in Bristol are only available at specific times of the year; flowers also have symbolism and a bouquet in spring for a wedding will differ from nuptial blooms in autumn. We take a look Bristol flowers and how these change every season for weddings and funerals — two of the key times for calling on a Bristol flower shop.

Spring Bouquets

Many florists in Bristol can add more colour and variety to their bouquets in spring. Some of the most popular spring wedding flowers are grape hyacinths, anemones, narcissus, daffodils, hyacinths, gardenia, jasmine, roses, and tulips. Lily of the Valley is a top choice of many brides. When planning a spring wedding, ask the local flower shop Gloucester Road about matching flowers to your colour scheme.

White lilies are favoured by flower shops Bristol for funerals. This flower signifies sympathy. Other choices are white and yellow roses and they represent respect and love.

Summer Blooms

A summer wedding calls for blooms in lilac and pink. Add texture with ferns, aralia leaf, olive branches, rosemary, and nigella. Some summer flowers florists Bristol suggest are calla lily, Queen Anne’s lace, zinnia, aster, poppy, freesia, sweet pea, daisies, sunflowers, lavender, roses, and alstroemeria.

Funerals in summer can be uplifted by choosing the deceased person’s favourite flower, such as sunflowers. A florist Bristol UK recommends the statice flower presented in a dried arrangement, as it stands for remembrance and sympathy. It can be pink, lavender, or white. White lilies and white roses are always good choices.

Autumn Blossoms

There are multiple choices between richly arrayed, colourful autumn flowers to add to the beauty of a wedding in this season. A great mix from a good florist will include golden lilies, red dahlias, and amaranth trails. Leaves or other fillers display the vibrance of this season and are teamed with honeysuckle, orange orchids, deep pink roses, cornflowers, celosia, and pincushions. Autumn favours a wild look to flower arrangements that is reminiscent of forests and harvests. With so many choices, it is wise to consult local expert florists, such as

Traditionally, autumn funeral bouquets may include white and blue violets that represent faithfulness, love, and purity, and stocks for spiritual purity. Similarly, the iris is often used for the same qualities and stark beauty. Red poppies may be worn on the lapel at military funerals. 

Winter Bunches

Low, soft candlelight works well with flowers for winter weddings. The bride’s bouquet should be in white or off-white tones. A touch of red in hellebore, amaryllis, and roses adds a hint of passion. The white can also be complemented by blue thistle, delphinium, and hydrangea. Foliage can come from silver dollar eucalyptus, senecio, and dusty miller. Speak to your local flower shop to see what is available.

A winter funeral requires a Bristol florist delivery that respects the solemnity of the occasion. A flower that works well is jonquil and it stands for sympathy towards the bereaved. Hyacinth is often used to represent sorrow. 

Sticking to flowers that are in season is cheaper, especially if they are locally available.

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