Saturday, September 17, 2022

The importance of finding the right undergarment


When you're a plus-sized woman like me, finding the right bra even in Asian sizes can be a bit difficult. Let's admit it, not all women are created equal: not everyone is blessed to be as statuesque or voluptuous as the models we see on print and social media. But that is perfectly fine because women come in varying shapes, curves, and sizes. However, finding the right size that will highlight your assets and hide your flaws can be pretty daunting. 

Personally, as a woman, I have come to accept the fact that I need to embrace my backfats, hold together my separated east-west breasts as well as love my love handles. I just need to find the right bra for me--the one that fits me to a T. After some trial and error and what seemed to be an endless search, I'm glad to say that I was able to finally find the right bra for me. It was definitely the most comfortable wireless bra I've ever worn in my entire life. I didn't need to struggle to fit in anymore. It felt like the bra size and style were tailored-made for me. 

I'm so thankful I've discovered It's a website that sells underwear items with a promise of a perfect fit. In fact, they guarantee that if you don't love their products, you may be able to return them for free within 30 days. Cosmolle sells engineered technical recycled premium quality fabrics on all their items. Another nice thing about them is they have a size guide so you'll not get lost on the size you'll need to purchase. This way, there's a minimal chance you'll be getting the wrong size. 

Let me share some items I absolutely love with Cosmolle brand.

Anti-slip Strapless Push Up bra

For their anti-slip strapless push-up bra, they've got sizes from 34B up to 40C. You can even pay this in installments for 4 gives via afterpay. It is also available in the color black. This push-up bra is made to look invisible when worn under blouses and dresses. Its soft anelastic cups and underwire design provides an excellent lift but it's very comfortable because it's so soft, that it doesn't feel like it's there. The best part is it won't slip so you're assured it stays in place.

Next on my list that I can recommend from their website is the Airwear Wireless Bra. It is an everyday kind of bra but it's packed with special features. So don't let its simplicity fool you. The brains behind the brand think of every woman's everyday needs the band hides our side fat, it is breathable, and with its 3D print technology-it's unbelievably wireless and seamless as well. It is perfect for everyday wear in the office or even at home, during sleep, WFH or even during a workout. You'll definitely love to wear this every day with very light support. And guess what, it's collagen-infused and said to help improve skin's elasticity. So you could say adios to sagging in no time! Find your size and your fave color.

AirWear Best Comfortable Bra

For women who lead an active lifestyle and are more sports-oriented, I highly recommend Cosmolle's AirWear Sports Bra and Bike Short Set. These are available from a small size up to a 3x. It has a unique texture and it's very stretchy and not to mention breathable. No matter how you sweat, its fabric will support you to keep you dry and comfortable, especially during an active sport such as yoga or bicycling. 

Airwear Sports Bra and Bike Sports Set

The nylon feels like a second skin, it feels like it's barely there, but it is still perfectly supportive. Ladies with full breasts who wear this feel full support like they have never felt before. Its racer-back fit has that support that doesn't feel tight on your back and chest. Yet it still gives you the required full coverage even as you move actively with this Airwear sports bra. 

Now, of course, when we talk about bras, we usually match them with equally comfy panties. I like having the undies end around my belly area to give me some utmost support. I absolutely fell in love with AirWear Women's Seamless Boy Short. This one is available in a size small to 3x. Again this one feels like a second skin and because it's seamless, there are no underwear visible lines that show. It's made with Collagen Polyamide Yarn and 3D printing too so undies are breathable, stretchable, and sweat-wicking--this is the no frill-panty for you. And if you ask my opinion, this is the most comfortable underwear for me too. 

There you go, I've just shared my new online discovery where women like me may be able to find the right bra and underwear that fit snuggly for them yet are still comfy and breathable. Bra and panty sizes are based on getting the correct measurements. Both come with a small percentage of spandex to allow flexibility. The site has a visual guide to finding the hips and thighs that you can relate to the most. 

So go ahead and explore Cosmolle's collection of flattering brassieres and panty styles that perfectly fit your curves. From essential everyday undies to sexy bras that give full support they have it all at Cosmolle's. 

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