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Must-Visit Silang Cavite Farms: Arid & Aroids Living Gallery, Dhoie's Garden and Perlas ng Silang


 Have you ever been on a farm tour? How about visiting a living plant nursery? If you haven't tried either, then you're missing something here. Not only will you get to travel, but you will also learn so much from visiting local farms such as the one we recently had in Silang Cavite. Our dear friends Mr. Ray Ong and Rence Chan invited my husband Jason and me to join their Silang Farm tour where we revisited Arid & Aroids Living Gallery, Dhoie's Garden, and Perlas ng Silang Flower and Garden Restaurant. Check out why these are some of the must-sees in Silang Cavite:


Arid & Aroids door entrance

When you go on a tour of the AA Living Gallery or more popularly known as Arid and Aroids Living Gallery, you can even learn the basics about soil care and the ways to manage your plants properly! Haven’t got green fingers? Fret not! The professional staff on this farm can teach you the basics and give some useful tips on how to grow your own garden. 

Arid and Aroids Living Gallery 'Natural Forest'

This is my third visit to AA Living Gallery and I'd say that the plants have grown from the last time I've seen them (just made my two initial visits last year). The first time I laid my eyes on Arid and Aroids, I thought I was on the set of Jurrasic Park (because of their solid door and all the greens) and I was somehow wondering if I'd come across a tyrannosaurus rex or a more friendly diplodocus. 

Purple Plum Fairy at the entrance door of  Arid and Aroids Living Gallery

The EchoManila team

The EchoManila Team at Arid & Aroids

During my first visit, the said living nursery was still being done and there were several plants that needed to fill up some space. But now, the nursery does seem like a real jungle with all the plants covered up all the spaces there is, the landscape of AA Living Gallery has thrived so well. It is not only an Instagrammable place, but it is indeed a must-visit for plant enthusiasts. And even if I'm not exactly a plant-tita, after visiting this living nursery, I was able to have some interest in plants myself and acquired some plants for the small condominium unit we're living in to somehow get some needed 'oxygen.'

Purple Plum Fairy and GreenDei

Praying Plant

Some of the plants at AA Living Gallery

We were also privileged to visit their newly installed laboratory nearby where usual guests are restricted. But because we were with Mr. Ray Ong, (who happens to be a consultant and a good friend of owner Boyet Ganigan) and Lawrence Chan (our friend who organizes Walk with Chan, heritage, food, horticulture, and other travel tours), we were allowed to see the laboratory. We were given access to the said laboratory where they do their research on tissue cultures and experiment on hybrid plants. During the said tour, we also visited another greenhouse owned and managed by the AA Living Gallery group which is in close proximity to the Arid and Aroids nursery. 

Tissue cultured plants from the AA Living Gallery laboratory


The Perlas ng Silang Flower and Garden restaurant is a unique experience where you can enjoy a landscaped view while having a scrumptious meal of Asian dishes. You can indulge and commune with nature as you wait for your food freshly cooked while enjoying stunning sunset views from the Silang. 

Instagrammable Perlas ng Silang Flower Garden Restaurant

Art installation of Perlas ng Silang Flower Garden restaurant

The landscaped flower garden of Perlas ng Silang

Perlas ng Silang al fresco dining serving both ala carte and buffet

It is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and those who'd want to try al fresco dining. The art installation will remind you of Amsterdam tulips because there's a woman figure, a vintage Volkswagen car filled with flowers, and giant animal-shaped installations adorned with various colorful flora. 

For food aficionados out there, you should give the restaurant a try. How to get there may be a little puzzle, especially for those who aren't familiar with Silang Cavite. But it is definitely worth the long drive, both for the ambiance and the food. Check out some of the food we had ordered here: 

Fresh Cucumber Honey Calamansi Juice

Seafood Laksa 

Popiah Tod (Thai Spring Roll)

Chai Gioi (Vietnamese Springroll)

Shrimp Pomelo Salad

Char Kueytiaw

Khao Niaew Mamuang (Mango-Sticky Rice) Dessert

Brewed Robusta Coffee


Have you ever wondered what a pesticide-free farm looks like? Take a trip to Dhoie's farm to learn all about the process of growing organic produce and have a taste of some edible produces too! The tour they had given us also taught us how their farm uses technology to assist in the farming process resulting in improved levels of efficiency and productivity.

Engineer by profession, Dhoie's passion for farming and plants eventually led him to his success in business. He was able to turn his passion into a fulfilling business. During our visit, Engr. Dhoie served us some of Silang Cavite's best local ingredients such as langka (jackfruit), ube (taro), and made them into Ginataang Bilo-Bilo with Sago't Gulaman. As a foodie, let me tell you that it is one of the best Ginataang Bilo-Bilo I have tasted in years. Not too sweet, but just right. And it didn't scrimp on ingredients too! 😋

Tour organizer and chemist Ray Ong and Engr. Dhoie of Dhoie's Garden 

Ginataang Bilo-Bilo and Sago't Gulaman drink served by Engr. Dhoie.

Dhole's Garden also sells the most affordable plants in case you're interested to make a purchase. The staff is also helpful, especially with the kind of plants that you would want to buy. Just tell them what you need and they'd be glad to help you. I was happy to buy sansevieria and three Chinese bamboo plants at a really low price. 

Special thanks to Mr. Ray Ong, Lawrence Chan, Engr. Dhoie and Mr. Boyet Ganigan for hosting this special tour. 

Planning to check out the places I went to? Here's where are they located: 

Perlas ng Silang
Purok 5, Pulong Bunga, Silang, Cavite
Near House of Maharlika or you make check from Google Maps for the direction.

AA Living Gallery
520 Hoya Road, Tartaria, Silang, Cavite

Dhoei’s Garden
Km 44, Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Bypass, Brgy. Tubuan 2, Silang, Cavite

Disclaimer: I am not paid for this post. Opinions expressed are my own. 

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