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Nutrihero Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies Product Review and its health benefits


You might think you've seen it all when it comes to apple cider vinegar. And that's fair enough, considering it appears on social media in everything from green salad dressings to "fat-burning elixirs." But these days, the substance is taking yet another form, for they are now also available in yummy and easy-to-swallow gummies. 

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to treat a myriad of diseases and health problems. Despite the research-backed health benefits associated with apple cider vinegar, some remain skeptical. 

Studies show that taking Apple Cider Vinegar aids in weight loss and helps regulate blood sugar. There has also been some research made that suggests it helps improve heart health. The only downside is that taking apple cider vinegar has an awful taste that leaves on your mouth for hours. Some would dilute ACV in water or all-natural sweetener to somehow hide its taste but to no avail.  Even if you tried taking the flavored apple ciders, it still couldn't hide that distinctive apple cider vinegar taste. 

Apple Cider Vinegar has been popping up as an ingredient in detoxifying recipes. The common way folks consume ACV is by mixing it with apple juice and bacteria or yeast, which creates a probiotic drink that can help relieve stomach ailments such as indigestion and flatulence.

Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the most potent natural remedies out there, but some people find it too sour to drink on its own. Luckily for us, Nutrihero has found a way that helps take away this flavor so their ACV can be as beneficial and tasty. The gummies are, in theory, a more pleasant way to incorporate apple cider vinegar into your diet than, say, drinking the stuff raw or swallowing the supplements in pill form. Gone are the days of holding your nose while forcing down a shot of apple cider vinegar!

So it's such a relief for those who use apple cider vinegar to know that there are now available apple cider vinegar gummies that actually mask the characteristic sour taste of apple cider vinegar with the same optimum benefits. One of my recent food supplement finds is Nutrihero Apple Cider Vinegar gummies. These ACV gummies from Nutrihero allow me to enjoy the many health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar without the unpleasant aftertaste. Just 1-2 gummies per day give me the equivalent of one shot of ACV, making them an easy way to incorporate this naturally fermented superfood into my daily food supplement.

Nutrihero has found a way to mask the strong ACV taste without compromising its health benefits.  One gummy contains powerful antioxidants and it is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and contains no preservatives, chemicals, or artificial ingredients. Each bottle contains 60 pieces. 

Benefits of Nutrihero Apple Cider Vinegar gummies:

Nutrihero Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Purple Plum Fairy shows a bottle of Nutrihero Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Supports digestion and gut health - Pectin is recognized as an important prebiotic and fiber that helps to support healthy gut flora.
  • Supports immune function - The gut provides important support for the immune system. Pectin helps support healthy gut bacteria growth and a healthy immune system.
  • Can assist with weight management - Combining Apple Cider Vinegar with a well-balanced diet can assist with weight management.
  • Supports heart health - Apple Cider Vinegar supports a healthy cardiovascular system and maintains good cholesterol levels.
  • Helps improve energy production - Amino acids, potassium, and enzymes may help relieve fatigue.
The Nutrihero Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are a safe and healthy way to melt away those stubborn pounds! These easy-to-take gummy food supplements help people get into Ketosis, which in turn suppresses hunger cravings. The ACV helps support the body’s natural healing by burning harmful toxins that deplete its functioning. At the same time, it provides an immediate energy boost with zero jitters or crashes afterward – perfects if intermittent fasting wasn’t enough on its own already.
Purple Plum Fairy takes her ACV gummies from Nutrihero

It also has Vitamin B9 (folic acid) is essential for overall health and supports healthy immune function and metabolism. If you’re deficient in Vitamin B12, supplementation may promote a healthy nervous system, improved immune function, healthy skin, and increased energy.

For decades, people have used apple cider vinegar to heal themselves of ailments because the healing properties are just that powerful. Studies show this acetic acid in the diet improves detoxification and can be found naturally occurring within all kinds of fruits like olives.

You may consume up to a maximum of 6 gummies per day

Vinegar not only can treat scurvy but also prevents fat deposits. It does this by burning up excess calories and reducing appetite at once.

Nutrihero Apple Cider Vinegar gummies use pectin to help people feel satiated while not eating too much. This product reduces the appetite, preventing overeating; with high levels of acetic acid in the infused gummies (ACV). It manages blood sugar levels for those who have diabetes or are susceptible to having cravings after meals due to their condition being untreated – not just once but consistently throughout most days. This is particularly important for people like me who have diabetes, having low and controlled blood sugar can benefit anyone by reducing cravings. 


So what do I love most about Nutrihero Apple Cider Vinegar? I loved how it tasted. Compared to other ACV gummies I've previously tried, they're not too sweet, but just right. When you smell its bottle, it does have an ACV odor, but nothing too sour. Made with real apples, beetroot, and pomegranate, these potent ACV gummies are loaded with Vitamin B12 and B8 to aid in our metabolism. Moreover, it suppresses cravings and reduces water retention (read: say bye-bye to bloating!). It also improves hair and skin health. It has amino acids and antioxidants, not to mention prebiotics for a better immune system. 

Nutrihero ACV gummies

The best part? You can take it with or without food. Doesn't matter at all. That being said, it's so convenient to take it at any time of the day! While there has been little research to back up the benefits behind apple cider vinegar gummies, there are many studies to back up the effectiveness of ACV itself.   As long as your gummy of choice is high in quality, I do not see why these benefits would not apply to gummies in the same way.

Please note that you should also always speak to your healthcare provider or consult your physician beforehand to discuss any potential medication interactions.

Nutrihero Apple Cider Vinegar gummies are available on their website. For more information, you may reach them via Instagram and Facebook

Disclaimer; I am not compensated for my post. The opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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