Saturday, September 11, 2021

Skin White Solutions Introduces 3-Step Skincare Routine for Every Pinay to Get Glowing, Brighter Skin

Skin White Solutions Latest products: (l to r:) Talented Toner, Wonder Wash and Happy Crush

I have always been very particular when it comes to using products that would touch my sensitive skin.  I have tried a lot of products too. Some were too harsh on my skin and produced red itchy rashes. So each time I'd encounter a brand that I can trust and what they call in the vernacular as "hiyang" with my skin (a product that goes well with my skin), I make sure to use them religiously. 

From what I understand, our skin is one of the largest organs our body has. It works hard every single day to protect our bodies from harmful elements and free radicals. So in essence, taking care of our skin and developing a skincare routine is extremely important and should be given utmost priority because it can help this organ do its better job longer and better. 

I recently stumbled upon this local brand called Skin White Solutions. They were not exactly a new company because they have been in existence for the past decade. But they are launching new products to help provide Filipina beauty a chance to experience that natural bright and glowing skin. 

Sharing my unboxing of their products below:

Get an inside look at these awesome glam skincare products. I am sharing my product review below: 


Skin White Solutions Wonder Wash

Start your skincare routine with Skin White Solutions' WONDER WASH. It is a gentle cleanser that takes out all the dirt, oil, and grime off your face. Worry not, it won't leave your face dry because it won't strip off your skin's natural moisture. It's great for acne-prone skin because it has PH balanced level and does prevent skin damage and clogging of pores as well as acne-causing factors. 

My verdict: I like the fact that it's so easy to use. I even used this product with my Foreo Luna Mini. For those who do not know what it is, it is a tiny but might tool for deep facial cleansing and it gives your face a glow-boosting massage too. This Wonder Wash from Skin White Solution is such a perfect pair for my face cleansing tool. It was so relaxing as I glide my Foreo on my face using Wander Wash. I applied in a circular motion while I avoided the eye area. Even if you don't own a Foreo, it's perfectly alright. Rinse off and then gently pat dry. 


Skin White Solution's Talented Toner

The next step would be to use this Talented Toner. So what makes this toner talented? It balances the skin's natural PH level more. It also helps refine skin tones, while keeping the elasticity of pores. It also removes the skin surface's dead skin cells. It also hydrates the skin while defying signs of skin aging. 

My verdict: I noticed changes in the few days I had been using this product. It deep cleanses my pores, minimizes the appearance of my pores and I was surprised it also controls large amount of sebum on my face. And best of all, it leaves a complete smooth glass-like texture which I so love. 


Skin White Solutions Happy Crush

What exactly is Happy Crush and what makes it part of the Skin White Solutions Skin Care Regimen? Happy Crush is a unique cooling ice gel that helps improves and soothes facial impurities. It's best to use if you have eye bags, saggy cheeks, dry, dehydrated, and even sunburnt skin. 

My verdict: After using and testing this product for a few days, I've noticed that my skin feels moisturized. It cleanses pores and leaves a tingling cooling effect on my skin. It's not sticky and it doesn't leave your face greasy at all. It's like a skin freshener and a sleeping mask in a small beauty tub. The best part? It is paraben-free and has no harmful chemicals. It's also very handy so you can stash this inside your bag and bring it anywhere with you. 

These exciting new products are made for all skin types to ensure that every Filipino gets a chance to flaunt his or her own unique glow! Guaranteed, each product is made with love and has been carefully crafted to bring your dream skin to life! 

 If you're curious about these awesome local beauty products, you too can get #BrighterThanEver skin. Go ahead and visit their Shopee page: to learn more! Be part of the growing community of #GlowDiggers! 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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