Thursday, February 4, 2021

The Maya Kitchen Workshop Classes goes Virtual!


Baking in your kitchen is not just a fad for the ones with extra time at hand. It can be a great therapeutic activity for people who love cooking. It has been shown that in activities like baking, the learning curve proves to be quite therapeutic effects on an individual. Baking had also became helpful for our mental health especially during the quarantine and lockdown in this pandemic we're all facing. 

While most of us may not necessarily become an expert, at least, we keep ourselves busy and our hands productive. I have good news for you if you're totally clueless on baking and cooking--as The Maya Kitchen workshops are now back and better as it now goes virtual, thereby giving everyone a chance to learn how to cook and bake right in the comfort of your own home. And guess what? These classes will all be conducted live via Zoom, so you can be assured that the instructor will be there to assist you and guide you step-by-step. The chef instructor shall also provide you with the necessary skills the easiest and fun way so you won't feel intimidated at all. 

When you register for a virtual workshop, The Maya Kitchen will be sending you a course outline, a recipe card and preparation sheet with the shopping list, rundown of required equipment and other useful tips. When your Zoom classes begins, you're all ready! During the virtual class, the chef instructor will walk you through the recipe steps and cook or bake along with you. You can also ask questions to the instructor and he or she will be glad to answer them for you. 

You may attend the class on your own, with a partner or as a big group but only one device will be allowed to dial in. All classes are also designed specifically for adults unless stated otherwise. Students below 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult to join the workshop. 

The virtual workshops scheduled this month will be conducted by in-house instructor Chef Dan Wilford B. Libunao and guest instructors Chef Heart Cadiente and Chef Carla Asence.

In-house instructor Chef Dan Libunao is a Food Technologist and Culinary Arts graduate. He handles The Maya Kitchen's basic culinary certificate classes as well as some culinary lifestyle classes. He's also one of the recipe researchers for some of the Maya cookbooks. Chef Heart on the other hand, is a Registered Nutritionist Dietician and former Research and Demonstrator at The Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center. Now she's busy pursuing her own dream of having her baking ingredients and supplies shop while also juggling a made-to-order cakes and pastry business. Chef Carla has been with The Maya Kitchen for almost five years and is known to handle the kids' classes and family cooking and baking classes. A graduate of Center for Culinary Arts, she's also an entrepreneur with her home business, Carla Kusinera, which offers made-to-order-cakes and food trays. 

Start the love month of February by enrolling in these virtual baking and cooking classes with The Maya Kitchen. Check out the line-up of classes:

February 10- 10AM to 12NN Cookies and Bars Class
Learn the basics of baking to inspire you to jumpstart your baking journey. Here you will learn to create Cranberry Walnut Oatmeal Cookies and Ube Three Cheese Bars. These are easy-to-learn recipes that will spark creativity in baking. Register for this class for only Php2,000.

February 13- 1 to 3PM Family Valentine's Cooking and Baking Class
For only Php2,500, you can bond with your loved ones in the kitchen and learn quick and easy recipes that will surely delight everyone. Kids are welcome to join. This is perfect for the entire family and a great alternative way to celebrate pre-Valentine's day.

February 17- 1 to 3PM The Maya Kitchen's Knife Skills Class
Become a knife expert and learn how to use knife the proper way. Using a knife is a must in the kitchen and it will also make cooking preps a lot easier. Sharpen up your knife skills by attending this class. You will be introduced to the various types of knives and their specific uses and how to handle them properly. You will also get to practice how to chop, dice and slice. As a bonus, you'll have the chance to cook stir-fried noodles and vegetables--all for a workshop fee of Php2,000.

February 20 1 to 3PM Basic Cakes Class
Amped up your baking skills if you have any or if you're totally clueless on baking but would always wanted to try baking, this course is made specifically for you. Baking for Beginners Class Series is a series of workshop that will tackle basic baking know-how such as baking ingredients and proper measurement technique so you can bake with confidence every single time. Here, you'll learn how to bake Ube Chiffon and Butter Cake along with a chef instructor for only Php2,000.

February 24 10AM to 12NN The Maya Kitchen's Cupcake Class
If you think you're not ready to bake cakes but would want to try a hand at baking, this course is for you. Learn the two unique cupcake recipes and a non-traditional icing that can be paired with any cupcake. For a workshop fee of Php, 2000, get a chance to make Mango Cupcakes and Cookie Butter Cupcakes. 

February 27 1PM to 3PM The Maya Kitchen's Spanish Cooking Class
Hola! Whip up your favorite Spanish dishes with a hint of Pinoy. Attend this workshop which costs Php2,000 and get to learn how to cook Pollo Ajillo or classic Spanish garlic chicken and Tarte de Queso or Basque cheesecake that your family will surely love. 

Lastly, here are a few more reasons why you should get into baking:
* It stimulates you from within. Want to get the happy endorphin going? Knead the dough, heat that oven and get the mixer going. Yes, these experiences are going to make you feel better on that lonely Sunday afternoon.

*Like we said earlier, it squeezes your creative juices. Baking is a creative process. Many clinical psychologists have expressed that cooking can be a great stress reviler. Get the creative juices flowing by getting down to bake that recipe you have wanted.

*It is good for one's mental health. Repetitive and simple activities are often the ones which give you the most calming feelings. When you’re baking you know what you’re going to do next. You can concentrate completely on what you’re doing and it ends up acting as a form of meditation.

* Baking makes you and other people happy. When we bake all of our senses are involved in enjoying food and if you bake a great pie, a good teacake or some moist brownies the pleasure you would receive seeing others enjoy it you are going to have a boost in your confidence and you’d want to bake more and more and more.

The Maya Kitchen has got something for everyone this month. Regardless if you're a beginner cook or baker or an experienced one, make your time in the kitchen useful and fun by signing up in any of the classes mentioned above. So take advantage of their virtual classes.  Sign up for The Maya Kitchen classes now!
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Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are my own. 

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