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The Pop-Up Katipunan: Definitely Not Your Usual Mall

The Pop Up Katipunan
Have you ever heard of container van architecture? If you haven’t, then you’re probably missing out on something. I had the rare opportunity to sleep in a container van turned into a hotel/inn during my previous travel gigs but I hadn’t seen an al fresco mall which had its tenants in a movable container van architecture until I’ve been to The Pop Up Katipunan recently.

Situated right in the heart of Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City, The Pop Up’s dynamic architecture allows itself to become a must-visit place for partying or simply hanging out with friends at night after a grueling work day. It’s also a unique lifestyle mall during the day where family can spend their quality time dining out in one of the establishments.

Do not underestimate the container architecture of The Pop Up Katipunan. One of the many advantages of this unique lifestyle mall is that the container vans can be rearranged in a matter of hours—and could easily transform itself to accommodate fully-functional retail space from its large-scale events place vibe.

I recently toured The Pop Up Katipunan and I’d have to say I was pretty impressed. There were several constructions which are now in full swing such as the Alliance MMA Gym which is said to be owned by popular MMA fighter Brandon Vera, who happens to be a good friend of my Uncle, former UFC MMA fighter, Mark Munoz, better known as “The Filipino Wrecking Machine."  Mr. Jeffrey Oh, one of The Pop Up Katipunan owners said that it will even house an acrylic swimming pool on its roof deck. 

Mr. Jeffrey Oh, one of the owners of The Pop Up Katipunan

For dads, there’s Filthy Rich Barbershop while moms can get themselves all glam up with Bong Aparente Hairart Salon. You may have your digits done, makeup, styling, brow fix and even a relaxing massage here. Walk-in students also get a huge discount simply by presenting their school IDs. 

Bong Aparente hairart in The Pop Up Katipunan

For your barkada and cliques, you may want to explore Tipple and Slaw’s Gaming room upstairs. It has a really nice vibe for some chill night out and you are welcome to play games like beer pong, among many others. They also have amazing menu here. You can try their Jalapeno Poppers, Chili fries or brisket empanada as appetizers. For the mains, they have wagyu brisket, pork ribs, chicken with sides of cilantro or Cajun rice and chili con carne. I guess the only downside is they are only on cash basis. 

If you’re a Korean fanatic, you would be happy to know that they do have Premier Samgyupsal here. They have unlimited buffet of samgyupsal which consists of Unlimited Pork and Chicken as well as Unlimited Shabu Shabu along with other favorite Korean banchan. Downstairs is also a Korean grocery store called Ceci. Here, you can drool at your favorite Korean ice cream—from the more popular ones known as Binggrae brands of Melona, Samanco, Power Cap and Frozen Yoghurt. They also have your favorite Soju, Rice Cake Stick Type, Poggi Kimchi, Kalguksu [Asian Style Noodles], Castela Cake, Ddon jjajang, frozen Vegetable Dumplings, Korean made candies, cheese and chocolates, Soya milk, Aloe Juice, instant noodles, snacks and so much more. It will surely delight any Korean food aficionado. 

Ceci Korean Grocery inside The Pop Up Katipunan

Binggrae Korean Ice Cream

Favorite Korean Noodles and snacks are available

Korean sweets and candies
They Pop Up Katipunan also have an array of other food establishments. They’ve got Vietnamese restaurant called Bun Vietnames Street Kitchen where they serve nothing less but authentic Vietnamese cuisine at affordable prices. 

Get your Pho Vietnamese fix via BUN
You can also try Chef Resty’s Roast Beef Carving Station if you’re a meat lover. Chef Resty’s serve the best roast beef in this side of town and he’s giving you the chance to try his house specialties. 

For chicken fans, fret not! Wings Camp has got you covered. Their unlimited wings are also available with a variety of flavors to choose from. 

Sports enthusiasts will certainly have fun at Bootcamp Football Shop where they can buy the latest football gears, jerseys and shoes and other branded accessories. 

Bootcamp Shop at the Pop Up Katipunan

If you have teenage kids as well as those interested in something techie, you’d be delighted to know there’s Solidus VR at The Pop Up Katipunan. It’s a virtual reality arcade on soft opening where you can start feeling like Master Jedi with a Beat Saber for as low as Php100 per game. 

Solidus Virtual Reality at The Pop Up Katipunan

Above Sea Level also has a branch inside The Pop Up Katipunan. If you’re not familiar with it, it is the home of the deep fried giant Butterfly Squid. It’s perfect to eat along with chugs of beer and conversations with friends. 

Spacious events place at The Pop Up Katipunan

Mira Art Gallery hits two birds with one stone: feast for the eyes and the stomach

For the artsy fartsy, there’s Mira Art Gallery for you which is both an art gallery and a brew bar. You can check out the awesome paintings [which are being sold]. During my visit, I saw Metanoia: Action born out of compassion which had the paintings featuring Padre Pio by artist Raymond Rebolledo. Proceeds of the paintings will go to the Aeta Community of Sacobia and Mount Pinatubo as well as the RSCC Orphanage. 

Padre Pio is featured on the paintings by artist of the month Raymond Rebolledo

Oh and the best part? There’s a huge parking space for everyone. With a minimum fee, you can be assured of your vehicle’s safety while you enjoy shopping or dining out at The Pop Up Katipunan.

You see, there’s so much to see and experience here at The Pop Up Katipunan. It’s a first of its kind in the country today [if I’m not mistaken], and there will surely be something for everyone here. There’s definitely something that you’d fancy or become interested in. From food to apparel to making unforgettable memories with both family and friends—The Pop Up Katipunan has it all going for you.

The Pop Up Katipunan may be just a new kid on the block. But it’s definitely a new developing community that you guys need to check out. It may look young and hip but once you give it a try, you’d see it caters to all ages, even kids. Believe me when I say that this is a must-visit place. It’s worth checking out. You’d be surprised at what you’d find out and once you do, you’ll keep coming back for more.

The Pop Up Katipunan is located at 273 Katipunan Avenue, corner Xavierville, Quezon City

For more inquiries, call 298-7968 or follow them at @thepopupkatipunan

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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