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Eat Healthy in Ready-to-Go Salad Jars from Jar ‘D in Salad House

Jar'd IN Salad House
It’s nice to know that people are becoming more aware of what they eat nowadays—people have started to eat healthier—that means more fiber, more organic foods and greens. As they say, it’s better to be careful and selective now with what we put inside our body than be merry now and regret later. The sad part however is that most restaurants that offer these so-called healthy foods aren’t necessarily cheap to begin with. In fact, most of them are quite expensive which is understandably so as organic foods entails hard work and more patience.  So when I’ve come across a healthy restaurant that offer delicious yet healthy foods which are reasonably priced, I couldn’t help but share them with my blog’s readers! Yes, I’ve got to share them with you. 

Six of the salad selection from Jar 'd'IN Saladhouse

Have you guys heard about Jar ‘d in Salad House? If not, then you must be missing out on something. I recently tried Jar ‘d in Salad House which is tucked in the heart of Congressional Avenue, corner April Extension [near Paras Alter Station]. It’s a nice cozy restaurant that offers a great alternative to the usual fast food grub that we often eat. They’ve got awesome variants of healthy green salads to choose from. You can choose to have them in a bowl [for dine-in customers] or have them prepared especially for you upon order in a unique huge salad jars. Yes, the salads are made upon order so you can be assured of its freshness. Their salads are very affordable with each bowl/jar ranging from Php220 to Php350.

Here's a short interview on Mr. Paul Gan, co-owner of the Jar 'd IN Salad House where he explains how they came about the said healthy restaurant concept: 

And here’s the best part: These greens aren’t as expensive when compared to the more popular ones that sell green salads. I also liked the fact that they did not scrimp on their ingredients so you know you’re really getting what you’ve paid for. And it’s truly a good value for your money too because the salads really taste fantastic! I hadn’t realized eating healthy could also be eating something as delicious as these salads.

For now, Jar ‘d in Salad has 7 variants of salads to choose from namely:

Vietnamese Bahnmi Pomelo Salad

Vietnamese Bahnmi Pomelo Salad

It has green ice lettuce, pomelo, mixed cabbage, Hawaiian ham, crispy sotanghon, cucumber, carrots, turnip, crushed peanuts, cilantro, hoisin sauce with pineapple nuoc cham.

Cowboy Crispy Chicken Salad 

Cowboy Crispy Chicken Salad from jar 'd IN Saladhouse

Romaine lettuce, cherry tomato, fried chicken finger, hardboiled egg, corn, croutons, parmesan, bacon bits with bacon Caesar dressing.

Amazonia Grain Power Salad 

Amazonia Grain Power Salad from Jar 'd IN Saladhouse

Romaine lettuce, kale, red rice, roasted chicken breast, cherry tomato, chickpeas, black beans, toasted almonds with pesto yoghurt dressing.

Cancun Burrito Salad 

Cancun Burrito Salad from Jar 'd IN saladhouse

Romaine lettuce, red rice, roasted chicken breast, cherry tomato, corn, black beans, red onions, bbq sauce, nacho chips with pesto yoghurt dressing

Greek Salad

Greek Salad from Jar 'd IN Saladhouse

Romaine lettuce, watermelon, cherry tomato, brown sugar walnuts, grapes, arugula, bell pepper, red onions, feta cheese with honey balsamic vinaigrette.

Green Salad with Roasted Chicken

Romaine lettuce, roasted chicken, cherry tomato, brown sugar walnuts, grapes, arugula, bell pepper, red onions, feta cheese with honey balsamic vinaigrette.

Japanese Salad 

Japanese Salad at Jar 'd IN Saladhouse

Green Ice lettuce, mixed cabbage, shredded kani/crab sticks, cucumber slices, diced ripe mangoes, crispy slices of Nori/seaweed wrap, Soba noodles and sesame seeds in Nori Ranch dressing.

Don’t worry, each salad variant has a distinct taste that will surely appeal even those with discriminating palate. There will surely be a salad bowl that will caught your fancy. If you’re allergic to some of the ingredients (i.e. peanuts), make sure you inform them upon order so there won’t be any problem.

I’ve made sure to try each and every variant so I would know their differences when it comes to taste. And I’d have to say, although they’re all very delicious and nutritious, I am torn between the Vietnamese Bahnmi Pomelo Salad and their Japanese Salad. I couldn’t decide which one I liked best because I love how both salads tastes like. The Vietnamese Bahnmi Pomelo Salad gives off a rather palate cleansing taste while the Japanese Salad tastes exactly as I had expected it to be—much like the typical Kani salad but with a twist due to the Nori Ranch dressing.

I never thought something as nutritious can actually pass for something as filling and delicious as these green salads from Jar ‘d in Salad House. I went home that afternoon feeling satiated from my hunger before lunch but sans the heavy bloated after-feel which I would usually get when I’ve had a buffet or when I’ve had a heavy meat-loading lunch.

Oh I won’t review much of the salads because based on their ingredients alone, you’d have an idea how they taste like. But here’s what you guys should know. You’ve got to order some of Jar’d in Salad House unique specialty health drinks! They’re so unique and cool that it may be one of the many reasons for you to come and visit this resto. Names like Ampalaya-Mango juice, Gumamela, Lemonade Chili, Pandan Juice and Carrot-Ginger-Orange juice are pretty interesting in cute easy to carry bottles. 

Ampalaya-Mango Juice drink

How can I ever forget the bittersweet taste I’ve had with Ampalaya [Bittergourd]-Mango juice? When I first heard about this particular juice, I was already intrigued with its taste. First of all, I am diabetic and one of the many fruits I’m not supposed to eat anymore is mango because of its sweetness. But with its rather contradicting ingredients [fyi: Ampalaya is highly recommended for diabetic patients like me.], I didn’t want to pass this opportunity to try it. After a few first sips, I knew it’s something very interesting for people to try. It may not exactly be for everyone because I believe it’s best for people who are either adventurous when it comes to their food and drinks; it could also be an acquired taste for some. What made me say so? I think not everyone is very fond of Ampalaya or bitter foods for that matter. However, as a foodie, I’m telling you, it’s perfectly fine to give this drink a try. Who knows? Just like me, you could also enjoy this drink. A word of caution though: You have to make sure that you drink this Ampalaya-Mango drink while it’s really cold. Otherwise, don’t even bother because it might taste differently. 

Gumamela Juice
Speaking of adventurous foodies, you might also find their Lemonade-Chili drink interesting. Imagine freshly squeezed lemon juice mixed with red chili pepper to give your drink some spicy kick. Sounds interesting? Well, I can attest to that, it really is. However, you have to make sure to press the chili pepper or cut them in half first then shake the drink before giving it a sip for you to truly taste the spicy flavor of this drink. Again, this drink is best consumed while it’s cold. A few minutes later, you’d feel its spicy kick numbing your lips. But it does give a refreshing palate cleanse especially after eating all those yummy green salads. 

Lemonade Chili Juice Drink
For those who’d like to be on the safe side but would still want something refreshing and delightful drink, you’ve got to choose Gumamela [Hibiscus] juice (whose taste actually is similar to that of red iced tea), Pandan juice (which will surely remind you of the ones being served after a nice massage at a Spa) or the Carrot-Ginger-Orange juice which is made of bright carrot orange but tastes more of ginger juice with hints of orange. It tastes naturally sweet, so you won’t have to worry much. I’m sure just like with the salads, there will be a drink that will suit your palate. 

Pandan Juice drink

Carrot-Ginger-Orange juice drink

I must’ve said enough to pique your curiosity, so if I were you, if you ever find yourself within that area along Congressional Avenue, please come and visit Jar ‘d in Salad House. Grab a salad jar along with a bottle of their unique healthy specialty drinks, or better yet, linger for a while, they’ve got nice and cozy seats where you can enjoy their healthy salads and drinks.

I wish they’d open somewhere near Cubao, that way I won’t have to go far to get my fix of their Ampalaya-Mango and my two favorite green salads from Jar ‘d in Salad House. So for the owner, if you’re reading this, I hope someday you’d be able to grant my simple request. Just a thought: Or maybe, at least make a branch that is easily accessible by the MRT/LRT trains.

Jar ‘d in Salad House is located at MC2 Building, Congressional Avenue corner April Extension, Project 8, Quezon City

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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