Thursday, May 17, 2018

Emborg Celebrates Mother's Day with Pampering Treats and a Cook Off

The awesome Emborg dairy products which are all healthy for the whole family

Mothers aren't perfect, but they do things in the best possible way. There's no manual or instruction on how to be a good mother. Being a good mother isn't something that you learn from school--it really comes from within. Being mom isn't a walk in the park. You're 24/7 working without any leave, without any pay (except maybe for those sweet little kisses from our kids) and with a whole lot of sacrifice. And as moms, it is one of our duties to make sure we feed our family, especially our kids well with something healthy. 

When it comes to dairy, I make sure to read all the labels before giving them to my family. I only trust some brands, those brands that we actually use and consume. So when I got an invite to attend an event Emborg has prepared for Mother's Day, I decided to go. 

Glorietta Activity Center in Glorietta 2 had transformed into a "Mommies Day Out." Dubbed as Emborg Ämazing Moms," the event aims to celebrate mother's day by giving all Mommies some pampering treats on their special day. The event was open to the public. Guest Mommies need to finish off the stamps on a passport given to them upon entry. Once all the passport has been stamped, they get a chance to win awesome prizes.

Moms passport to the treats Emborg has prepared for them during the special Mother's Day treat

There were lots of activities that was prepared for all mommies to enjoy. There was a massage booth where moms can enjoy a few minutes of massage of their own choice. They can have a relaxing back massage, a soothing foot massage or a hand massage too. I chose the foot massage because my feet needed some TLC after all the walking I've had the entire week.

Free massage for all mothers

My feet needs some TLC. I chose a foot massage.

There was a makeover booth where moms of all ages can have makeups done by professional makeup artists. It's about time they look good about themselves too. 

Moms were also given free makeovers

There were also cute photo booth where the entire family could join the moms. They could bring home a magnetic copy of their photos as a memento of the Emborg Amazing Moms event.

And yes there was a photo booth for everyone to enjoy

The kids who came in with their parents also had a special activity that they can do during the said event. There was a cupcake decorating booth as well as a make your mom a greeting card booth where kids can write to their moms and give them Mother's Day cards. 

Kids who came with their moms also had an activity

Mom and daughter tandem decorated a cupcake. 

There were also free food tasting booths as well as a cook off participated by the different schools, colleges and universities in Metro Manila where they made recipes incorporating Emborg dairy products. 

 Family-owned Emborg aligns with mothers in their desire to provide real, nutritious and tasty meals for their children through dairy products that taste good and score high on quality, health and affordability. As mothers take on hybrid roles in and out of the household, Emborg products allow them to prepare quick, easy and delicious meals that transform each family meal. I never even realized Emborg had a lot of products. I'm usually familiar with their milk, butter and cheese. But i never really thought they had a wide variety of products to choose from, including smoothies in strawberry and orange-mango flavors! Yum! I could hear my stomach grumbling as i type this on my laptop now. 

Our family's favorite, Emborg Full Cream Milk

A substantial array of dairy products take quality ingredients and couples them customer-focused packaging. Emborg Butters and Spreads are suitable for cooking, baking or simply slathering on all kinds of breads, while Natural Sliced Cheeses and Burger & Sandwich Slices elevate standard grab-and-go meals that are whipped up in a cinch. Shredded Cheese, Block Cheese, Feta & White Cheese, Fresh Cheese, Mold Cheese and Deli Counter Cheeses incorporate the gourmet touch into pastas, meat-and-cracker boards, salads and every other dish imaginable, while Emborg's milk-based products add flavor and body to every meal. Emborg Creams are rich additions to savory dishes and desserts; UHT Milks are perfect for recipes or drank on their own; while Yogurts and Protein Shakes make healthy living a delicious and convenient endeavor. Emborg's Junior line—a variety of cheeses and milks packaged for kids—make daily baon something children look forward to.

The winners during the cook off

We only get to celebrate Mother's Day once a year, but these special women manage to be amazing everyday. Emborg products help each mom create more amazing moments in the kitchen, for their children.

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Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are my own. 

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