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Easy Grocery Mobile App: Convenience of Grocery Shopping at Your Fingertips

Admit it, grocery shopping can be daunting. Yet as moms and household decision makers, we had no choice but to do it so that our families had something to eat. I recently discovered a new mobile app which can be considered as every consumer’s best buddy. Easy Grocery mobile app was recently launched. Imagine doing your grocery shopping without missing out on your favorite teleserye on primetime TV or at the very least, you're allowed to do other stuff like doing your laundry or in m case, writing more articles. Yes, my dear, it is possible with the latest grocery app called Easy Grocery. 

Easy Grocery is the latest mom-friendly grocery shopping mobile app

So what exactly is Easy Grocery? Easy Grocery is a location based app where customers can purchase grocery items and have it delivered right at their doorstep. It is practically grocery shopping without leaving the comforts of your home. It’s well-designed and easy to use, it makes shopping for groceries simpler, and it’s available as a universal iOS app as well as in Google Playstore. You can download it for free. 

Like most list apps, grocery shopping methods and mentalities can vary quite a bit, so we came up with a few criteria on why we think downloading Easy Grocery mobile app is essential for a great grocery shopping:

  • Easy Grocery is grocery-specific design. For me, a good grocery shopping app needs to make grocery shopping easier. For example, a great app remembers any items that you enter, allows you to easily remove or add items to your cart, create a list of favorite or staple items, and allows you to browse group items into categories or sort your list manually.
  • Quick Entry--When creating a list, it’s important that entry is quick and frictionless. If there are several extra taps involved with adding new items, we consider it a hindrance.
  • Picture attachments--It has an image to an item on the list for easy identification.

The thing is, you could use any list app for grocery shopping, but what I love about Easy Grocery mobile app is their focus on making grocery shopping experience as an easier affair. One of the things that makes this possible is the ability to remember past items, display relevant items as you’re typing, and the ability to create lists of favorite or staple items that you can easily add in bulk to your current list. Yes, this is a niche category of list apps, and that’s partly why it’s so interesting and why they can be a better choice over other list apps.
Mr. Eugene Leoncio, Easy Grocery President and Mobile App Developer
Like a lot of app categories, finding out favorite grocery app is a tough call. There simply isn’t an easy pick here, but we think that the newly-launched Easy Grocery has the best all-around features that most people will love and find useful. Also, it’s an app created by people who are consumers themselves with several years of experience on mobile development and a dedicated development team, thereby providing a fantastic user experience. In short, Easy Grocery makes grocery list creation and shopping incredibly easy.
One of the many Easy Grocery App Riders ready to bring your orders at your doorsteps!

Basic Features of Easy Grocery 

One half of a grocery shopping list is entering items, and Easy Grocery makes this a breeze. Once you tap the “+” to begin adding items, you just type in what you need and either tap the item from the list of relevant entries or tap return to add it to the list. From there, you can keep tap the next item. This is great because you can do a brain dump of items that you know you need without having to tap around to get back into the entry screen. This is helpful to me when my Mom tells me to scan the items quickly — it’s important that I can keep up to ensure I don’t miss anything, and Easy Grocery makes that easy.


Notifications in a grocery shopping app don’t immediately seem like a useful feature, but Easy Grocery uses them to let you know what happens to your orders. This is helpful because I know when my items on the list are available. The notifications are near instant and I see the notification before I have time to hop back into the app to continue shopping. During the launch, I was immediately informed by the Easy Grocery team through SMS and I also received a call that one of my grocery item, a tocino brand is no longer available. I was also informed that the electronic air freshener I had ordered had also marked up in terms of its price, so I had to add an additional payment of P88.60 from my previous total bill. I had received notifications both on my mobile phone, the app itself and also via SMS. So even if you're no longer online, there's no reason why you won't be able to receive their message. 

List Settings

Category Headers: Enable or disable category headers for the list. If this is enabled, it will group items automatically into categories. For example, eggs, milk, and cream cheese would be included in the “Dairy” category, and so on.
 Category Group: Edit category group names, create new category groups, and delete existing groups. For example, you can create an “Office Supplies” group and create several categories under the group that help you organize your office supply shopping.

How to have an Easy Grocery

1) Download the App from App Store or Googleplay Store

2) Set your delivery location

3) Select your delivery location

4) Pay using Credit Card, Cash or PayPal

5) Choose your delivery option: Store Pickup or Home Delivery

6) Wait for your grocery.

Payment Options:

(1) Credit/Debit card/PayPal

(2) COD, Cash on Delivery

(3) Earned Points

The Best Part?

Easy Grocery do not put mark-ups on the store’s SRP hence it guarantees you that what you pay for is at exactly the same price as it is inside the store. It’s literally like you’re the one doing the shopping. What’s more? All orders delivered will have the corresponding Official Receipts issued by the store.

Fixed Runner's and Delivery Fee

Runner’s fee is a fixed Php 100.00. Runner/s are trained personnel who will act as buyers of your orders from the store you have chosen – SM Supermarkets, Ayala Metromarkets, Robinson’s Rustan’s, and Puregold to name a few. Delivery fee is another Php100.00 so that means you only need to spend Php200 per delivery order of any item/s you will order. That alone saves you time and effort when compared to personally going to the grocery where you will have to park (another fee), eat (of course, you will be hungry after doing all the grocery shopping) among many other expenses. But with Easy Grocery, everything will just be a breeze for Php200 + the total bill of your items! How's that for convenience?

Worry not because each rider's delivery bag which actually looked like mini refrigerator backpacks are complete with an all-around insulation so you can be assured that there won't be any spoiled items or damage from the sun's debilitating heat. It also has separators, so you're assured that foods aren't mixed inside with your shampoo or soap items.


Oh and did i mention that you get free eco bags on your orders? Yes, you won't have to worry about paperbags because Easy Grocery makes it convenience for you to carry all your ordered groceries because they have provided those green eco bags for you to use. Yes, they're freebies for every order you make. 

Purple Plum Fairy is happy to receive her two bags filled with her groceries using the Easy Grocery shopping app

Okay, so please don't just take my word for it, go and download Easy Grocery mobile app and try it away! Try Easy Grocery for yourselves! Download the app on Apple Store or Google Play!

Like Easy Grocery on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/easygroceryapp/

Email them at info@easygrocery.ph

 Official Easy Grocery App Website: http://www.easygrocery.ph

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