Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Collectors Hive: A site exclusively for all collectors and enthusiasts

I have a confession to make: Only a few people who are really close to me knows that I am a certified toy collector. Consequently, over the years, I have amassed toys: from my McDonald’s Happy Meal items, stuffed toys, rugged dolls, Cabbage Patch Kid dolls, to cute little trinkets among other things. These toys help me alleviate my loneliness on being alone. One of my biggest worries, however, is that if I should expire soon and my loved ones discover my toy collection after my demise, they will surely be shocked. 

I recently learned about Collectors Hive, an online portal made exclusively for collectors by collectors themselves. It’s made to address the needs of hard core collectors. Collectors Hive provides a venue for active collectors to keep valuable memories and in the process create a wholesome atmosphere for fellow collectors. Regardless of what you collect, whether it's a stamp collection, postcards, Gundam toys, die-casts, Coke items, Barbie dolls, Santa Claus items etc.--there'll surely be something interesting that you'll definitely find at Collectors Hive. 

 According to Mr. Frederick Puno, CEO and founder of Collectors Hive “Diverse collectors can be united into one community where they can socialize, market their items, gain appreciation and emotional support. Our target goals include searchable rare items when you cannot find it anywhere, act as social media for enthusiasts and journal every collection they have.”

He added, “The Philippines has about 110 million population and more than 50% are active smartphone users. Technology has progressed far and so the collection community must advance too. Collectors Hive has over 108 million collectibles to date already and continuously growing because we have so many hobbyists around the world.”

Some of the active members of Collectors Hive
Joining the site is FREE. You simply had to login using your Facebook account (I assume everyone has one, if you don't have an FB account yet, then perhaps it's time you make one now!). From your Facebook, it instantly gets your profile, information and access. Collectors Hive even has a mobile app for your maximum user experience to enjoy. The mobile app has its unique features which includes an item scanner. The website also allows you to interact with fellow collectors where it's up to you if you'd want to sell, trade or simply show your own collection of a particular thing. 

Curious? Interested? Get those hands moving, visit Collectors Hive now or follow Collectors Hive on Facebook to get more updates and information. I assure you, it's going to be lots of fun! Collecting items had never been this awesome! What are you waiting for? Sign up NOW!

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