Monday, August 11, 2014

Green Apple Dental/Myofunctional Research Clinic: Free Dental Consultation for Kids ages 1-12 years this August!

Attention Mommies, I've got good news! One of the leading dental clinics in the Philippines today, Green Apple Dental/Myofunctional Research Clinic (MRC), which specializes in pediatric dentistry and myofunctional pre-orthodontic trainers invites Moms to bring their kids ages 1-12 years old to our Trinoma branch for a free dental consultation this whole month of August. All you have to do to avail the free dental consultation for children is to call up Green Apple Dental/MRC Clinic Trinoma Branch at (02) 901-0506 and book an appointment with them on either of these days: Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. 

Myobrace, for those not familiar with the term is a better alternative (not to mention cheaper and more effective) than traditional braces. Braces are not the only option for achieving a perfect smile. With a bit of care to develop the bones of the mouth and face, extractions are not necessary and room can be regained for all teeth as nature intended. In many cases, the Myobrace® offers a beneficial alternative to braces. Dr. Gamaliel S. Urbi, and the MRC team are dedicated to avoiding traditional braces treatments where possible using Myobrace® with Myofunctional Therapy.

Each patient is assessed and treated on a case by case basis to ensure the best treatment plan is provided to your child’s specific needs. So why wait? Seek out help and act as soon as possible. Get one step closer to a beautiful, healthy smile by making an appointment for a consultation at Smiles Without Braces. Form ore information on the wonders of Myofunctional braces or myobrace, read my old blogp post about it:

For those who are interested to have a myobrace assesment, please contact the same number given above to get an appointment with Asia's Myobrace expert dentist/orthodontist, Dr. Gamaliel Urbi, who flies to Manila only once a month to check on his patients/clients. 

So Mommies, take advantage of the free dental consultation for kids this month of August. Call now to book an appointment! 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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  1. Thanks, Mommy Vance! We'd like to try this. Hopefully Little V will say yes soon. Hehehe!


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