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Golden Chicken House Food Review in San Juan City and its noble advocacy


Golden Chicken House in San Juan

If you're looking for some delicious Chinese food, Golden Chicken House is the place to be! There are many great Chinese restaurants in the metro, but there are only a few that can actually give you true value for your money. While most people would probably think they can only get these from the Chinatown area in Binondo, San Juan City's Golden Chicken House offers amazing food at reasonable prices, so you can't go wrong with any of them. 

In 1983, in a humble food stall, Holy Chicken (the name the said restaurant used to carry) began. Golden Chicken is one of the oldest Chinese Cuisine located at 163 N. Domingo Street, San Juan City. The restaurant changed its name after the owner's father passed away. They've gradually also improved their food selections and tastes over time. But they still carry some of their best-selling and heirloom recipes they've got.

Purple Plum Fairy and two of her friends during their recent food crawl

Mr. Jerwin Guan, owner of Golden Chicken House

My friends and I recently visited Golden Chicken House as part of the itineraries of our San Juan Food Crawl organized by one of my good friends. We were fortunate to meet the owner, Mr. Jerwin Guan. According to him, the restaurant has around 30 plus employees. Part of their earnings goes to the Volunteer Fire brigade they founded in 2005 called Golden Fire Rescue and Volunteer Unit Inc. We were also lucky to visit their fire volunteer headquarters. But I will discuss more on that later. Let's start first with our food review...

Golden Chicken House may have limited seats on the ground floor but they have more seats upstairs

Allow me to share with you some of the things we have tried during our visit:

Their popular buttered chicken and special birthday noodles

We were able to try their best-selling Pineapple Honey Fried Chicken for only P410.00 for an entire chicken and P210 for a half chicken order. I loved the taste of the skin with its tender and juicy chicken meat. Although personally speaking, I enjoyed their Buttered Chicken more simply because I love their crunchy deep-fried golden brown chicken. What I loved about them is that they were seasoned and lightly coated before they were deep fried. So the taste wasn't overpowering and there's no "umay" factor. Meaning to say, you won't get tired of eating it over and over again. 

Golden Chicken Pineapple Honey Fried Chicken

The Golden Chicken House Buttered Chicken was such a hit on our table that it was gone in a few minutes. It's also probably because it leaves a creamy buttery taste that will keep you coming back for more. However, unlike other buttered chicken I've had, the ones from Golden Chicken House weren't greasy.

Golden brown buttered chicken

We also had some Beef Button mushroom (P128)--the beef is tender and compliments the mushroom although it's got some spice to it, I really didn't mind. We also had Pork Asado (P260 for 1/4 kg), Oyster Omelette (P148), Crab Omelette (P138), Hot and Sour Soup (P130), Crabmeat Corn Soup (P143), Lumpiang Shanghai (P112), Other special offerings we had were Super Special Chamisua and Birthday Noodles.

Oyster Omelette

Lumpiang Shanghai Rolls

Let me note too that their Hot & Sour Soup is probably the best I've ever had. To be honest, theirs are even better tasting than those I've tried in the Chinese restaurant of the five-star hotel I am working at. The Lumpiang Shanghai rolls are filled with stuffing too. In the vernacular, they call it "siksik." It's crunchy and tasty. You won't regret ordering them. And it's perfect when you dip them in its special sauce. 

Hot and Sour Soup

Crab and Corn Soup

Pork Asado from Golden Chicken House

Golden Chicken House serves a wide Chinese cuisine that offers everything from stir fries to stews and more. The air-conditioning restaurant has a dining area and a private dining area upstairs, making it ideal for family dinners or any other sort of gathering over a typical Chinese cuisine. 

Spicy Beef Button Mushrooms

Special Chamisua Birthday Noodles

According to the owner Mr. Jerwin Guan, they can also customize packed meals and party trays based on the customer's budget and they can accommodate requests as well. 

This is the kind of Chinese restaurant that's not intimidating and where you can eat on a daily basis because they're so affordable. They're budget-friendly. During times like these, where everything seems to go up except your salary, it's nice to discover restaurants that serve meals that won't burn your pockets. 

Crab Omelette

The ground floor has around 20 seating capacity while the second floor can be used for intimate events with around 50-60 capacity. You can order Golden House Chicken Chinese dishes in advance, you may even ask them to be delivered to your home or offices for free (if you live within the San Juan area). 

Mr. Jerwin Guan, the owner, assures his customers, "We only serve 100% freshly cooked meals, all the time." Golden Chicken House provides reasonably-priced Chinese cuisine that is specially prepared by their long-time chef/cook.

The restaurant has a laid-back atmosphere and attentive service. If the menu is overwhelming, just ask for recommendations: the server will provide you with some fantastic options. 

Mr. Guan is also behind the success of Golden Chicken House. He supports the advocacy of putting up the Golden Fire & Rescue Volunteer Unit which is a few steps away from the Golden Chicken House. By patronizing this restaurant, customers are also helping them to raise funds in supporting these noble and heroic firefighters to save lives and properties. A certain part of each bill goes to the funds allocated for Golden Fire & Rescue Volunteer Unit. 

One of their two fire trucks

Golden Chicken's Main Fire Truck

Mr. Guan and his firefighter volunteers

As of this writing, they now have two fire trucks that came from the earnings of the Golden Chicken House. 

From l-r: Mr. Jerwin Guan, Purple Plum Fairy, and Daryll Villena of Foodamn Philippines

If you're looking for a great place to eat, this restaurant is a must-visit because it will surely satisfy you! So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Golden Chicken House today!

For orders: call and text them at


86684088/84631456 to 57


Open from Monday – Sunday

⏰ 9am-9pm

For FIRE EMERGENCIES, call the FIRE BRIGADE Hotline at 🔥8522-22-22

Visit their Facebook page for more updates :


*Price rates I've mentioned may be changed without prior notice. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. The opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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