Thursday, November 11, 2021

6 Moving Mistakes You Must Avoid

Moving Mistakes - Purple Plum Fairy

Most people make at least one mistake when moving home. It might be a small one, like forgetting to hand over your old keys, or it might be one that results in huge financial costs and a lot of stress. Either way, a mistake is frustrating, and you want to avoid them at all costs. To help with that, be sure not to make any of these six common moving mistakes.

1: Not Booking Reputable Movers
Moving your belongings is a huge task and often requires help from professional movers. Be sure to research who you hire beforehand, though, as you want your items to be completely safe during transport. It’s also crucial to consider how you will move your larger items, such as extra vehicles that you may own. For RV transport, take a look at Shiply transportation quotes to ensure it efficiently gets to your new home.

2: Buying New Furniture Before the Move
While you might be excited to decorate your new home, you should wait until you are actually inside the new property before buying items to fill it up. The less you have to move, the better. Why make the process more stressful for yourself?

3: Not Labeling Boxes
Forgetting to label boxes will cause a lot of stress when you are in your new home. It might seem quicker to throw a load of stuff into whatever box is in front of you, and while this may be true initially when the time comes to unpack, you'll be faced with a daunting task. So make sure you pack room by room and label each box as you go.

Label your boxes accordingly.

4: Avoiding Booking Time off Work
Booking time off work isn't always simple, but it must be done for big life events like moving house. You might think you can squeeze moving home around your shift, but in reality, you'll be exhausted from all the responsibilities you have to do while moving. So you don't want to rush work afterward as well!

5: Starting Packing Too Late
The entirety of your possessions needs to go into boxes, and it isn't a quick or easy task. So however long you might think it will take, add on at least a couple of days. While you may not want to live in a house surrounded by boxes before the move, it is far better to start early and be over-prepared rather than leave it slightly too late and still be throwing items into boxes when the movers arrive. Nobody needs that amount of stress on moving day! 

Pack your bags early to avoid any hassle later on

6: Not Having an Essentials Box
Once the move is complete, your tasks aren't over--you still need to unpack your belongings to make your new house feel like home. It isn't an easy task, though, and certainly not one you'll want to do as soon as you arrive. For this reason, you should pack an 'essentials' box that contains everything you'll
need to get by, for a couple of days. Doing so will give you a chance to unpack at your own pace. You can avoid these six common mistakes as long as you take note not to do them!

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