Friday, July 9, 2021

Malayan Savings Bank marks 25th year with fresh look, tagline and new promos

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, Malayan Savings Bank (MSB) unveiled its new name, logo, and tagline as a gesture of renewed commitment to its customers nationwide. The bank, formerly known as Malayan Bank, affirms its financial inclusion mission with the tagline “Kaya yan! #TatakMSB” in an effort to encourage Filipinos to make smarter financial decisions as they work hard to achieve their dreams. MSB is one of the country’s top 15 savings banks and has been a trusted provider of banking services and loan products since 1996. Its corporate and individual customers have since benefited from the bank’s personalized service and easy-to-access products ranging from deposit accounts, corporate and SME loans, as well as consumer loans such as home, auto, motorcycle, and salary loans.

“We are celebrating 25 years of being partners with our customers in their life goals and dreams. As we welcome another chapter, we are excited to offer more financial products that are truly suited to our target market,” said MSB President Alberto Emilio Ramos.

Financial guidance, inclusion for everyone

According to Ramos, the new tagline “Kaya yan! #TatakMSB” highlights MSB’s promise of an easy and convenient banking experience for its customers. It rings true to MSB’s role as a reliable partner, as the bank serves as a guide to clients whether they are just starting their financial journey or are well on their way to attaining their goals. The revamped logo also aligns itself with this brand’s promise, with the shape of the letter “M” signifying the growth that MSB enables for its customers.

Early this year, MSB also launched its mobile app for enhanced customer convenience and the bank is set to introduce more features and improvements later this year. MSB also continues to offer its deposit products, including the popular MB Kabuhayan Saver Account which allows depositors to open an account with just P100 and a valid ID. MSB’s loan products also continue to offer financing options to Filipinos, including the Motorcycle Loan, which welcomes applications from individuals from various income sources.

“Our customers can expect us to support them every step of the way. We will continue to deliver products and services that enable them to grow their savings, open their business, or attain their life goals,” Ramos added.

Special anniversary promo for time deposit accounts

As part of its 25th-year celebration, MSB is also encouraging customers to avail the anniversary promo for its time deposit account. With a minimum deposit amount of P100,000, customers can choose between a pure time deposit account or one that also has insurance against COVID-19 and other diseases.

Time deposit account holders with insurance for COVID-19 plus other diseases can double their rewards and enjoy interest rates of 1.25 to 3.25% per year for deposit amounts from P100,000 to P499,999, and 1.5 to 3.5% interest rate per year for those with deposits of P500,000 or greater.

For pure time deposit account holders, interest rates range from 1.5 to 3.5% for deposits from P100,000 to P499,999, while 1.75% to 3.75% per year returns await those with deposits of P500,000 or greater. Interest rates for both types of time deposit products will depend on the time deposit tenor of one to five years. Interest rates will be paid monthly.

For more information on MSB’s deposit and loan products, customers can call (02) 8841 7800 or send an email to for further assistance. They can also visit any of MSB’s 21 branches across the country. For a full list of branches, refer to

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