Friday, July 30, 2021

Blogapalooza Partners with MullenLowe TREYNA to Develop the Next Generation of Content Creators


Blogging and being an influencer have totally evolved. Back in the days, people would blog because they wanted to share their personal experiences over food, travel, and anything in between. Soon, brands started tapping them and they've become influencers. Thus, influencer marketing was born.

Blogapalooza the premier influencer marketing company in the Philippines, launched the

first-ever InfluencerPreneur program in 2020 to help budding content creators and influencers

grow their platform and build their online presence. This year, Blogapalooza is partnering

with integrated communications agency MullenLowe TREYNA to stage an even bigger

InfluencerPreneur program and produce the next generation of content creators.

InfluencerPreneur is an incubation program by Blogapalooza which aims to produce a new breed of influencers: content creators with the mindset, skills, and tools of an entrepreneur. Open to all aspiring and up-and-coming Gen Z and millennial influencers and content creators in the country, participants of the program will learn how to create, market, and improve personal branding, do business as a content creator, build and grow followers, and improve social media influence. 

The 2021 InfluencerPreneur program will have key speakers from Blogapalooza, MullenLowe TREYNA, as well as renowned influencers to help lead each syllabus of the participants, sharing industry tips and advice future content creators will need to know to be successful in their field. 

Here’s what’s in store for the second batch of the InfluencerPreneur program:

  • The Changing Influencer Marketing Landscape

Delving into the evolving trends in influencer marketing to help content creators drive growth in the industry and to have better campaigns and collaborations with brands.

  • Battle of the Platforms

Understanding the difference between Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok and

their algorithms, which content works better for each other, and the best time to post

content on each channel.

  • Marketing & Branding Strategy

Understanding the target market, brand voice, as well as developing a strategy on how

to grow social channels. Insider tips on which best editing tools to use in creating content. 

  • The Art of Storytelling in Content Marketing

Mastering the art of storytelling to power up content for better audience engagement.

Guiding participants on how to do storytelling the right way and know the best time to

post content and interact with followers.

  • Passion vs Promotion

Learning how to keep being “you” while helping brands connect with followers.

  • Content Creation as Business Model

Understanding the hacks in social media monetization to generate revenue in content

creation. Getting to know the different types of collaborations, as well as the best time to

register content creation as a business. 

  • Brand Campaigns & Partnerships

Understanding the do’s and don’ts in campaigns and project briefs. Finding and making

partnerships work, as well as managing agency’s/client’s expectations. 

The interactive program will see participants apply their learnings through different brand

sponsored-activities, each helping content creators understand the ins and outs of content

creation and promotion.

The 2021 InfluencerPreneur program is now accepting participants! Interested participants

should be able to attend classes for seven (7) consecutive Saturdays. Those interested to join

the second batch may sign up at:

For more information about the 2021 InfluencerPreneur program, visit

or follow Blogapalooza and MullenLowe MARC on Instagram. 

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