Monday, May 11, 2020

Simple Steps to Enjoy Working from Home

Work from home set up can be quite challenging.

Millions around the globe have made a sudden transition to remote work amid the Covid-19 pandemic. For many, remote work is a new reality and one that takes some getting used to. Whether it’s done by choice or by necessity, working from home has its benefits, like avoiding your daily commute. But it also means it’s up to you to motivate yourself and get as much out of your time as you would in an office setting. I had been working from home myself since the lockdown and I'd have to say it was pretty overwhelming. It took a while for me to be able to adjust well to this particular kind of work set up. I bet some of you guys maybe able to relate well with me. 

To help, here are five tips to keep yourself accountable, creative, and productive as you work from home.


It is equally important in finding a designated workspace.

To keep your brain in the right mode, it’s important to establish a permanent workspace—it tells your brain to do work productively without any distractions.


Stick to your everyday routine, schedule important matters ahead of time. 

Remote work requires a schedule much like a typical office job, except you’re the only one holding yourself accountable. Non-work activities also need to be scheduled.


Keep your mobile phones away or in silent mode to prevent distraction. 

Pinpoint your major distractions, and knock them out before you settle down to work. Put your phones on vibrate and turning it face-down so you can't be distracted by notifications. 


Try teleconferencing with your team or even your family and friends during the quarantine. 

Working from home might seem like a solo experience, but it usually still involves interacting with others from your team. You can try using Zoom for video conferencing, or chat apps like Google Hangouts which can help you stay abreast of your team to brainstorm and collaborate. 


Sweets like cakes will always be a welcome treat.

“Aha moments” came more often to those who took breaks, according to research. Go ahead, reward yourself with a “job well done” by ordering say a decadent cake from The Manila Hotel’s Café-Ilang Ilang via their takeout or delivery service from their The Manila Hotel's Facebook Page. After all, you deserve it after a tiring day working at home. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated with this post. Opinions expressed are my own. 

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