Tuesday, May 12, 2020

My Honest Product Review of B & Soap Mamie Blue Wash Off Pack

B & Soap Mamie Blue Wash Off Pack

When I was in my teens, I had always loved trying on different skincare products. Since I’m not someone into makeup and cosmetics, skincare was more really of my thing. Name it, from facial scrub to body wash to facial masks to whatnot—I must’ve tried a whole lot of skincare range. So it’s no longer surprising that even at my age now (I’d be in my early 40’s come September), testing, and trying out skincare products remains to be my thing. 

I recently stumbled upon this facial mask called B & Soap Mamie Blue Wash Off Pack. I assume it’s a Korean brand since most of the text on its packaging were in Hangeul. I bought B & Soap Mamie Blue Wash Off Pack from Althea Korea one of the popular legit online sites where you can find authentic Korean products. You can be assured that your orders are shipped directly and flown in from Gangnam District in South Korea.

Going back to B & Soap Mamie Blue Wash Off Pack, I liked its packaging. It looks very similar to that of Lush. In fact, it looks exactly like Lush upon initial look. But if you’re a regular Lush user, you’d know it’s different because Lush products are all-natural and environment-friendly. Plus when you probe a little deeper, the texture of the facial mask feels and smells different from the ones being sold at Lush stores. But it’s pretty obvious that they copied the packaging from Lush. However, that’s as far as you can compare this product with a genuine one. 
B & Soap Mamie Blue Wash Off Pack had a container that obviously copied from famous Lush products

How to use it: 

  1. Cleanse skin, pat dry, then apply toner to prep skin
  2. Apply pack evenly on skin using spatula / hands (avoiding eye lip areas)
  3. Leave on for 10-20 mins
  4. Rinse pack off with water
  5. Pat dry and follow up with your skincare regime.

The Althea Korea site said this product was infused with peppermint extracts that soothes and clarifies skin complexion while fine bean granules (the black spots) suppoedly gently scrubs away dirt and dead skin cells. Perfect for those with troubled skin or oilier complexions, this pack helps to calm skin down while balancing oil and moisture levels of the skin using deep sea mineral rich water. 

So what difference do face packs are from the usual face masks? Face packs are essentially liquids or pastes which are applied onto the face and allowed to sit for a period of time. They set and sometimes dry, transferring the goodness and benefits to the skin before being removed either by peeling off or washing away the product. 

How do I find B & Soap Mamie Blue Wash Off Pack? I was really excited when I opened the parcel. I loved anything mint and I thought it would also be like the other products I had used that had mint on it. Alas! I was so disappointed. Although B & Soap Mamie Blue Wash Off Pack had its own spatula, the face pack was so difficult to put on. It felt like it was a dried clay in blue or something. I had to splat it on my face because unlike typical facial masks that are easy to glide using a spatula, it felt like putting on an expired facial mask that has been kept for so long it had almost dried. It felt so dry, like putting on some paste or an expired glue on your face.

I also didn’t like its smell. I was expecting it to smell minty but no, it did not. It smelled like a shoe cleaner. Still, I tried the product onto my face. It had bits of black spots which I will never understand what it was since I don’t understand Korean. Nevertheless, I used the product, giving it the benefit of the doubt since it’s being sold by Althea Korea. My thinking, maybe Althea Korea wouldn’t be selling this kind of product if it’s not effective or good enough for their customers to try. 

B & Soap Mamie Blue Wash Off Pack only had Korean ingredients written on its back
B&Soap Mamie Blue Wash Off pack  (130g) is not relatively cheap. It actually costs around $16.81 (roughly about Php800 in Philippine peso) when bought from eBay. However, it sells for only Php199 when I browsed the online store Shopee. But I got this face pack around its ebay price, I just forgot exactly how much.  

B & Soap Mamie Blue Wash Off Pack had bluish paste with black spots.

To be fair, after using the mask for a couple of times, my skin felt clean of its dirt and grime. It felt smooth and supple. But I really didn’t feel any minty on the product and most of all I didn’t like its scent. I wish it smelled good or perhaps had that minty after-feel on the skin as what I had expected it to be. So in the vernacular, I'd probably say this product would be, "pwede na rin,"in terms of my beauty product standards since it does something good on my skin after using it for some time. But then there are other products which had the same amount and will probably do much better in terms of skin results. 

Will I buy this product again? The answer is no. For its price, there’s a whole lot of other facial mask products I can use available in the market that will surely work better. I would probably finish this tub of mask just because I regret buying this stuff. I know I could’ve bought a facial product that works better than this one. Perhaps something that smells good and something that’s easier to apply and will have better results or output upon initial use.
Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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