Friday, September 27, 2019

Hearty Bread's Deliciously Gluten-Free Healthy Products

Hearty Bread
If you’re tired of paying too much for sliced gluten free bread that you can’t separate or crumbles before your very eyes, here’s Hearty Bread, a gluten free bread brand to try.

Although packaged gluten free products are said to be more expensive than conventional products it is due to the fact that the ingredients are more expensive (in part because the market is smaller). However it's not the case for Hearty Bread. They have larger loaves of bread that are still king of a properly sized piece of bread that isn't more melba toast than sandwich bread. 

Gluten free Banana Loaf
 Oh and did I mention I love their banana loaf. In the vernacular, we refer to it as "siksik", meaning to say it's not spongy. It weighs better and tastes better too. The usual banana loaf are too sweet for my taste but Heart Bread's is perfectly right on my kind of sweetness.

Every bread in this post holds its shape, can be separated when frozen or fresh, tastes relatively good and is worth a try. Some are more expensive than others, but in my personal experience, none of them crumble or fall apart in that sad, sad way we all know and hate.

Charcoal Cheesy Almond Loaf
Like a lot of you, I really like Hearty Breads Charcoal Cheesy Almond Loaf. The bread is soft and the slices are a good shape and relatively good size. The price is pretty good, too, although more expensive than some.
Charcoal Cheesy Almond Loaf
Their quality control seems to be relatively good, as I’ve never had a loaf with large holes through the center of the slices. But I know that some of you have had that unfortunate experience and it’s super disappointing.

It’s soft, toasts pretty well (but not great, honestly) and actually even just smells really good. Others may not exactly like the black color of this charcoal bread, but it makes a huge difference. 
Hearty breads products are really good. The slices of this white bread are really small (3 slices for one lunch for sure). They’re so widely available and it’s become my nephew's favorite brand. The slices toast well, are soft and smell like good packaged bread. They even contain sourdough as the third most plentiful ingredient.
Heart Breads product are really good. In addition to being soft and toasting well, it reminds me of the Arnold’s rye bread slices of my youth. Hearty, chewy and just plain good. I'm so sorry I can't find the right words. 

I actually really like the seeded bread as it’s white bread but made super hearty with tons of crunchy, toasty seeds. 

What makes Hearty Bread different from other healthy breads available in the market today? Hearty bread is not a normal bakeshop. Their story started when they served different dietary in hospitals. They cater specifically to different needs of patients with diabetes, renal failure and cancer. They want to change the world by preventing these diseases from ever occurring in an individual.

You can actually start your day right up when you set yourself for success for the rest of the day ahead. And what better way to do that by having a healthy breakfast that's Gluten-free, Sugar-free, margarine-free and GMO-free breads from Heart Bread Philippines. 

How about you, what's the best gluten-free breads you have purchased?

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