Tuesday, June 25, 2019

NESTLE Philippines launches the very first Ready-to-Drink Subscription Service in the Country that helps upcycle used beverage cartons

NESTLE's Well-loved baon RTD  drinks available on subscription service

Parents, particularly moms would always want to make sure that our kids get the best school baon possible. For us, it has to be something nutritious and delicious that our kids will love. They need baon for sustenance especially since based on research, kids who eat well does well in class. I recently attended a press conference where NESTLE Philippines launched the very first subscription service in the Philippines. This was made possible by providing children with healthy and nutritious on-the-go beverages, and through the subscription service allows consumers to return their used beverage cartons through NESTLE’s partner upcycling facility—the Tetra Pak, thereby extending their useful life.

Some of our most favorite drinks from NESTLE

NESTLE aims every household to become a partner in raising a healthier and more sustainable future for kids. This sustainability project initiative from our friends from NESTLE is such a good example for other companies to follow as well. As a parent, it’s nice to know that a subscription is like hitting two birds with one stone: making sure that your family has stocks of their favorite ready-to-drink [RTD] through the subscription service and doing your part in helping the environment by the Tetra Pak upcycle and reuse project.

The first ever subscription and delivery service of well-loved NESTLE Ready-to-Drink [RTD] Baon Subscription on goodfood.ph offers NESTLE RTD baon brands of CHUCKIE, MILO RTD, BEAR BRAND YOGU and NESTLE’s Fresh Milk, NESTLE Low-Fat Milk and NESTLE Non-Fat Milk.

Samples of the subscription plans are as follows:

This is a hassle-free way and convenient for us on making sure we have stocks of our favorite RTD NESTLE beverages. Automatic replenishment is synonymous to not having to rush to the grocery to buy new stocks and not running out of baon. Meanwhile, doorstep delivery means not having to go through hellish traffic and long queue at the grocery counter. Subscribers also can look forward to regular freebies, gifts, perks and special deals.

NESTLE Veronica Cruz, Business Unit Manager Nestle RTD products

Joey Uy, NESTLE Lifestyle and Active Beverage with the Chuckie Buddy Plush Stuffed toy

Worry not, Mommies, the NESTLE RTD Subscription Service has a lot of baon choices. Depending on your family’s needs and favorite drinks, there will surely be a package that will fit you and your family to a T. The good news is, it’s made available nationwide, so even if you live in the provinces, you can also order. Payments are so convenient and could be made via Credit Card, PayPal and even COD. 

Another good news is that, consumers get a reward on their 6th month as subscriber, for they get a free CHUCKIE BUDDY plush stuffed toy made and crafted lovingly by the people behind Gawad Kalinga for FREE! (Yes, it's the one held by Joey Uy of NESTLE on the upper photo)

NESTLE’s RTD’s subscription is the first of its kind in the Philippine and is a testament to NESTLE’s untiring efforts to be there for Filipino families in their quest for sustainable lifestyle that answers their needs as well as aspirations. “It’s not just lip service. This is really NESTLE’s efforts on taking families to the green path,” said Joey Uy of NESTLE Lifestyle and Active Beverages.

“Through this subscription service, families also now have the option of returning their empty drink cartons for recycling whenever their monthly order is delivered to them; this starts on their 2nd month of subscription. The empty drink cartons collected will be brought to a recycling facility wherein the paper pulp extracted from cartons can be turned into paper- based products such as notebooks, wrapping paper, etc. while polymers and aluminium can be combined to become roofing sheets,” said Diane Ibay-Raza, Environment Manager, Tetra
Pak Philippines.

NESTLÉ RTD’s subscription service is the first of its kind in the Philippines and is a testament to NESTLÉ’s untiring efforts to be there for Filipino families in their quest for a sustainable lifestyle that answers their needs as well as aspirations.

A sustainable future for our families must begin with us, inside our home. And with NESTLE’s  RTD subscription service, it gives us the opportunity to do our share and our part in helping save our mother Earth by means of returning used RTD boxes for upcycling and recycling purposes.

Some of the upcycled products from Tetra Pal RTDs
Chuckie Buddy says Hello to the products that gives back

Interested? Get an RTD subscription service today by logging at https://subscriptions.goodfood.ph/ready-to-drink.

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