Friday, October 21, 2016

Relieve pain and inflammation from arthritis with Fine Turmeric Extract Powder

Press release: 

As you age, you may not be as energetic as your younger self. Doing your daily routine, more so physical activities, may be a struggle especially if you have developed arthritis. However, aging does not necessarily mean that suffering from muscle pain, stiffness and inflammation due to this condition is normal and acceptable just because you are aging.

Many medicines may relieve you from any pain but may cause side effects in the long run. Since the ancient times, organic plants had been used to treat both severe and mild illnesses. At this day and age, many still believe that going natural is better than choosing synthetic.

Turmeric, a plant known for its antioxidant properties, is commonly used to reduce pain, inflammation, stiffness related to rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Studies have shown that curcumin in turmeric helps in preventing and reducing joint inflammation.

It also serves as a detoxifying agent as it cleans the digestive tract, improves bowel movement, and treats diarrhea, intestinal gas and stomach bloating. Headaches, colds, bronchitis, fever, menstrual problems, urinary bladder inflammation and kidney problems can also be treated with this wonder plant.

The benefits of this plant are now within reach as Fine Japan Co. Ltd. manufactured Fine Turmeric Extract Powder, now available in the country. This healthy beverage is made with curcumin that not only reduces swelling, but also helps the liver function properly.

Fine Turmeric Extract Powder is a potent drink that can aid you in fighting the signs of aging. Just mix it with water daily and enjoy its health benefits. It is easy to gulp down a whole glass of water mixed with Fine Turmeric Extract Powder because of its pleasant smell and taste. 

And because it comes in sachets, you can drink it anytime and anywhere. You can now easily carry a powerful drink whenever and wherever you want.

So do not fret if you feel like your body is slowing down. Do not let arthritis hinder you from doing the activities you love. Free yourself from muscle pain, sleep soundly at night and feel refreshed in the morning. It is time to take care of your health by choosing organic and natural remedies. Drink your way to healthier and stronger you with Fine Turmeric Powder Extract!  

Fine Turmeric Extract Powder is distributed in the Philippines by BrightRay Enterprises and is available at select Watsons stores nationwide, Mercury Drug-Glorietta branch and online at Lazada ( and e-commerce site “Like” us on Facebook (; follow us on Twitter (#HyC150) or Instagram (@HyC150), or call (02) 5467297, 09177750779 for inquiries.

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