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Product Review: Tupperware Brands' Baby Care Plus, Kids Plus and Mom Plus products

2-year-old baby Cerise Millicent Gabriel plays with Tupperware Brands line of products

There are so many baby products available on the market today that it is difficult to know which ones you should use for your little ones. For discriminating moms, since there are a lot of choices, we had to make sure that the products do not have harsh chemicals that shouldn’t touch our baby’s sensitive skin.  I had to learn my lesson the hard way when I used a new baby product for my youngest niece Miles recently where sadly she had developed some rashes on her forehead that looked like prickly heat from afar. It was reddish and itchy that brings discomfort to our baby.

Cerise Millicent once suffered some rashes on her forehead

Since then I had to be sure that the product will be hypoallergenic and approved by dermatologists. Still, the options can be confusing, and daunting. With all things being equal, I usually go for the more simple choices; often times less really is more. That is why I got really excited when I tried Tupperware BrandsBaby Care Plus line of products (shampoo, cologne, bath, lotion, baby powder) on my youngest niece, Miles.  I’ve also tried using their Kids Plus lines for my Kyle and his sister Icy. Of course, it’s Mom Plus for me—with its Stretch mark cream and Ultra Moisturizing bar. As their name implies they are specifically made for babies, kids and moms respectively. Knowing fully well that it was from Tupperware Brands, it somehow gives me an assurance that it’s a good product. After all, Tupperware is a brand that I grew up with and Filipinos have long trusted and loved for years.

Baby Care Plus Products

Kids Plus Products
Cerise Millicent Gabriel a.ka. Baby Miles loves Baby Care Plus and Kids Plus products

Both their Baby Care Plus and Kids Plus shampoos have really mild formula that doesn’t bring tears to infants and children. However, it should not be overlooked that this is also a very good shampoo for adults. It is mild and it leaves the hair clean and shiny. Mildness is an important attribute for a shampoo since many of us tend to shampoo on a daily basis. Over shampooing can lead to hair damage, and I have noticed this before when using other brands of shampoo. However, this is never a problem if you try to use Baby Care Plus shampoo or Kids Plus shampoo. I will switch brands occasionally, just for the variety, but I have never noticed the need to do this until now. Tupperware Brands’ Baby Care Plus (shampoo and bath) as well as Kids Plus line (shampoo and bath) are definitely good not just for your babies but for you too because they can be used on a regular basis and they don’t strip off the skin’s natural moisture because there’s no harsh ingredients on them. It does the most important thing any personal hygiene products should do sans the chemicals. As for the shampoo, it leaves your hair clean, manageably soft and shiny. 

Smiling baby Cerise Millicent "Miles" likes Tupperware Products

 As for the Baby Care Plus Baby Powder, I love that it has Alantoin that works as an anti-irritant that soothes and protects the skin while keeping it fresh. The container is a typical white plastic bottle with a blue cap that has holes where the powder comes out. The scent just feels very clean and fresh like you just came out from the shower. The baby powder is very fine and smooth. For adults, surprisingly, this kept away the oil on your face like no other pressed powders or foundations ever did before! 

So happy holding her Kuya Kyle's Kids Plus products

 I would really recommend Baby Care Plus lotion and cologne (actually the entire product line) to anyone, not just for babies. I absolutely fell in love with it because when I put it on our baby after her bath, she immediately relaxed and fell asleep, after she woke up I swear I never smelled a sweeter smelling baby!  The lotion smell just blended perfect with his natural sweet smelling baby scent and not only that but it kept her skin very nice.

Unsightly stretch marks are battle scars of every mom

As for the Mom Plus line of products, I was able to try their Stretch Mark Cream, Soothing Relief Balm and Ultra Moisturizing Bar Soap. No matter how many women proudly says that their stretch marks are battle scars of their pregnancy, we all had to admit that we'd rather leave 'em invisible. I bet ladies of every shape and size would want to get rid of them. It was a good thing that Tupperware Brands understands this. With dermatologist tested Mom Plus Stretch Mark Cream, it is created to improve the elasticity and suppleness of the skin to further minimize the appearance of ugly stretch marks caused by pregnancy (and in my case, weight gain.) Formulated to reduce the appearance of cellulite because it increases the skin's firmness. Perhaps I need to use this more often and will probably see the results a few weeks later to know if its effectivity. But I liked that it's non-greasy, and it helps repair damaged skin tissues as well as reduces inflammations. And since it's dermatologist approved, I've got nothing to worry about my sensitive skin.

Mom Plus Stretch Mark Cream

Mom Plus Ultra Moisturizing Bar
Among all the products for moms, I love Mom Plus Soothing Relief Balm the best. Why? It's so convenient to bring and it's really useful not just for moms but also for kids as well. Call me bias, but I've always been a fan of Eucalyptus and Peppermint oils. Since this product has both oils, should I need to explain more? Seriously, apart from its healing and aromatic properties, Mom Plus Soothing Relief Balm is indeed very useful. It could helps relief insect bites, headaches (when used and applied on the temples)as well as muscular pains. I've been looking for a relief balm that works and this is it. I'm glad to have discovered this value for money product. It also leaves a cooling sensation, best for a tropical country like ours. Best of all, it doesn't leave you smelling like your grandparents unlike other muscle relief balms available in the market today. Mom Plus Soothing Relief Balm is now a part of my must-haves in my bag each time I'd go out. 

Mom Plus Soothing Relief Balm

Purple Plum Fairy with niece baby Miles.

Needless to say, I continued to use Tupperware Brands' Baby Care Plus, Kids Plus and Mom Plus lines for my family's needs and on myself. Their products are brilliant. It helps my skin look fresher and softer. My mom uses the Stretch mark cream too while the kids in my household uses the entire line as well. We all love their mild scent and they're the best we've ever used. We also love that they're safe and naturally works, giving the best value for money. I would highly recommend Tupperware Brands Baby Care Plus, Kids Plus and Mom Plus products to friends, relatives and to other parents. 

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Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


  1. Your baby Miles is so cute. And she has a beautiful name. Haba nga lang. Ihihi.

  2. Thanks Momi Berlin. Yes, It was me who named her such long name. Kasi nickname ko Cerise. Millicent kasi di man kami mayaman, pero may million cents naman. Hehehe...Thanks for reading my post and liking it. :)


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