Wednesday, October 19, 2016

FINE Organic Pearl Coix Extract: Discover the Japanese Secret to Radiant Skin

 We all wonder how come Japanese women manage to look younger than they actually are and have a complexion to die for? Most people will say that the reason is due to genetics and although that is true, there is more to their beautiful skin than genes. Aside from leading a healthy lifestyle and probably along with a good diet, we have recently discovered the secret to radiant skin when we were invited to the launch of FINE Japan Co. Ltd’s 100% Organic Pearl Coix. FINE Japan Co. Ltd. is one of Japan’s most trusted nutraceutical companies that has been into innovative research and development on health supplements for more than four decades now. Filipinos need not travel to Japan to experience the wonders and health benefits of Organic Pearl Coix since we will finally have the chance to try the said food supplement.

Like some of our fellow Asians, Japanese women are well known for their fantastic youthful look and supple skin. Apart from investing time on their skin care routine, they also tend to take care of their skin from within. Organic Pearl Coix is proven to reduce acne and naturally gives the skin a healthy pinkish glow. It also claims to visibly whiten the skin in two weeks time. 
FINE Japan Co. Ltd., the makers of HYC 150 are also the same manufacturer behind Organic Pearl Coix. Backed by stringent science and research, it had actually taken five years for this high quality product to develop and it’s made of 100% pure organic pearl coix extract powder so you can be assured that it’s safe and effective. 
100% Organic Pearl Coix is unlike any supplemental drink available in the market today. This ready-to-drink nutraceutical product has many benefits not only in terms of beauty but also in total wellness as well. Organic Pearl Coix gives you healthy, luminous and beautiful skin from. It is highly soluble and easy to digest because of FINE Japan’s patented process that transforms adlay seeds into fine powder-like form that comes conveniently in sachets. So you can take it anywhere with you and mix them with your favourite drink whether you’re a coffee drinker or in your refreshing juice—it doesn’t affect your beverage’s taste. Purple Plum Fairy tried the Organic Pearl Coix during the launch by mixing a sachet into my glass of water. It tasted like brewed corn tea. But when you mix it with any drink, you won’t even noticed its taste at all.

Cory Quirino herself proves that Pearl Coix actually works wonders
Personally, I’d like to incorporate Organic Pearl Coix with my diet. It improves digestion and relieves constipation because of its 8 times more fiber content, it helps to eliminate toxic substances, fights inflammation and swelling plus it promotes better urine flow due to its diuretic effect. It also helps strengthen joints and reduces limb stiffness. And not to mention, it has cancer-fighting indications too. Best of all, it is great to improve hair and skin because it has anti aging properties for the skin supporting collagen production and helping to preserve hyaluronic acid which diminishes as we get older. Research has proved that skin care products containing Pearl Coix help the skin look younger.
Medical doctor backs up and approves the benefits of 100% Organic Pearl Coix
With such really awesome benefits I have mentioned above, it’s no longer a surprise why 100% Pearl Coix is highly regarded in Japan and one of the most in demand nutraceutical products and food supplements. So for Filipinos like me who wants to somehow defy advance skin aging, 100% Organic Pearl Coix is for you. Discover the wonders of Japanese skin with this amazing product. For sure, in just a few weeks of regular intake, you will notice and see the difference just as I did. Yes, I’ve noticed my skin became supple and my skin tone had somehow lightened. (This is not a sponsored post. I just want to share with you my personal experience in taking 100% Organic Pearl Coix.)
For more information, visit Follow them on Facebook for more updates and promos. You may also get in touch at these numbers: (02) 546-7292, (02) 861-6298, or 0917-7750779. 
100% Organic Pearl Coix is now available in Watsons and Mercury outlets nationwide. You may also purchase them at Lazada or at the HyC online store with free delivery nationwide. 
Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and are derived from my personal experience. 

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