Monday, December 7, 2015

First impressions: Unboxing Lenovo A6000 Plus gadget review

Earlier last week, I had my intention to give Lenovo A6000 Plus a fair and unbiased look before it comes out of the market starting tomorrow, December 9, 2015 at exactly 12 noon, exclusively at Lazada. I’ve a set of questions and requirements that a smartphone would have to meet in order to meet my needs. I wondered if Lenovo’s latest phone Lenovo A6000 could stand up in comparison to my previous phones and can meet my requirements.

I’ve just unboxed Lenovo A6000 Plus. Here are my first impressions, coming mostly from the process of unboxing the thing. Lenovo A6000 Plus actually targets multimedia and music lovers and offers a good size display, resolution and audio performance for its price range. It features an HD IPS display with ultra-wide 178 degree viewing angle, Snapdragon quad core processor and twin speakers with Dolby Digital Plus audio to boot.

Lenovo Philippines executives with the Lenovo A6000 Plus Smartphone

Lenovo A6000 Plus

I love its sleek stylish look. It has an impressive camera, even in low-light. Fast performance and is not super expensive. Lenovo A6000 Plus aims to offer value for money. It goes all out and is truly a flagship smartphone. It offers a stunning polycarbonate design, top-end specs and light weight at 128g. Armed with these perks, the Lenovo A6000 plus impresses in every area and will probably be a forerunner in affordable yet quality Android smartphone ever made which I highly recommend to anyone. 
Dolby Digital speakers

With eye-catching design, awesome camera, flasah plus a bevy of sensors, a 5.0 inch, Lenovo A 6000 doesn’t feel anywhere near as cumbersome. It’s slimmer and lacks the monstrous width that ruined some smartphones I’ve previously used. Don’t underestimate its power though, it could be smaller in size, but it has dual Dolby digital audio speakers flank the display at the back. Again, Lenovo made the right choice. Proper sounding speakers are always better than a few weedy holes on the back.
For audiophiles like me, they’d be happy to know that Lenovo A6000 plus has a built-in Guevara  Music app where they can stream unilimited music from the millions of songs available. The Lenovo A6000 plus delivers a crisp sound most especially when used along high end headphones for that enjoyable music experience. 
Do you see those twin speakers at the bottom? They're not just there as designs. They are there to give crisp awesome sounds.

My only criticism about the Lenovo A6000 plus, and this is ridiculously minor, is I would’ve wanted the headphone jack on the bottom, rather than on the top.
This is by far and away the best looking affordable yet eye-catching design choices of smartphone put right up there by Lenovo when it comes to visual allure. Colours have a vivid punch – blues, reds and oranges pop out, but they’re still accurately shown, while the green shades in Lenovo’s stock wallpaper look exceptional. Some might say they’re too saturated, but I’d disagree, especially when you compare it to those truly over-saturated panels Samsung used a couple of years ago.
Viewing angles are fantastic, as is outdoor visibility. I’d like a slight hint more brightness though, and the screen's auto setting is a bit dodgy. It judders noticeably as it changes, but I've found this an issue on most Android phones.

Key Features: 
 Vibrant HD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 64-bit 1.2 GHz Quad Core, Twin Speakers with Dolby, 2GB RAM + 16 GB internal storage (expandable up to 32 GB microSD), 8MP auto-focus with LED flash (rear camera), 2MP fixed focus (front camera), dual micro-sim slots with LTE support and 2300mAh battery.

And get this, it comes with a Lenovo transparent jelly back cover and screen film protector + headset and original charger as well. So it'll keep your phone protected! 
Lenovo A6000 plus will only be available starting tomorrow, December 9, 2015 at 12nn on Lazada’sGrand Christmas Sale at a budget-friendly price of Php6,999.
“Lenovo constantly puts the needs and wants of the target market at the forefront as we design new models for every price point, with features and specs that are important for them while still considering the consumer’s budget. With the launch of Lenovo A6000 Plus, we are offering maximum multimedia experience without putting a hole in their pocket,” said Dino Romano, Country Manager, Lenovo Smartphones, Philippines.
Partnering with Lazada Philippines, Lenovo makes LenovoA6000 Plus easily accessible through the country’s one-stop shopping and selling destination.

So, if you’re still thinking on what’s the best quality yet smart-buy smartphone this Christmas, look no further, Lenovo A6000 Plus is it! Make it a part of your Christmas shopping list.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.  


  1. Interesting. This can be one gift idea for Christmas. :)

  2. Super dame ng new smartphones today!

  3. A great gitt idea for Christmas. I have a Lenovo and it's fast and the pictures are really crispy. My only problem is when taking pictures (like samsung), I need to be so STILL to capture a clear image. Unlike apple, which I have no problem using. =)

  4. Smartphones now are getting better and better!

  5. insteresting :) my sister bought lenovo and she's satisfied with it.


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