Saturday, December 19, 2015

Calyxta Turns 1: One year and counting of making women more beautiful!

Women had something to be happy about as  Calytxa turns one. Calyxta is a well-known on-and-off-line authority on aspirational yet attainable beauty. Stemmed from its Greek etymological meaning, Kallisto [“she is beautiful.”] In line with the celebration of their first anniversary, they invited women for an afternoon of pampering, beauty treats and “me-time" at the posh pool area of the Makati Diamond Residences.

Some of Calyxta's products as shown online.

Blogger Mish Redon is being made up here.

Some back massage for the guests.

A lovely mom blogger is being sketched here by an artist.

A most-sought after beauty source, Calyxta treated guests to free styling, colorful nail arts, on-the-spot caricature, free back and foot massages, one-on-on makeup sessions, while Browhaus provided free brow shaping and threading.

Free makeup makeover sessions for lucky guests

I also had the chance to be pampered that afternoon. I was in my ‘unusual girly self’ because I was wearing a dress that afternoon. I had my hair styled in sleek straight and had my brows tamed and threaded. 

I'm ready to party the night away! I'm not exactly used to all these glam-up parties, but I had to admit I had enjoyed the Calyxta event because it made me feel special in being a girl. Calyxta makes sure that with their products, they'll be able to make all women more confident.

For more information on Calyxta and its other unique partners and services, please log on to

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