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Win a signed copy of The Voice Kids Champion Lyca Gairanod's debut album “Puede Nang Mangarap”

Lyca Gairanod answers the questions of the press during the Q & A

She’s that frail-looking little girl with a big voice that has captured the hearts of everyone. Lyca Gairanod’s singing voice was so good that her The Voice Kids Philippines Blind Audition video alone has about 5 Million views and counting [and mind you, it’s still trending even up to this day]. So it wasn’t a surprise when she eventually emerged as The Voice Kids Philippines’ Grand Champion. Under the tutelage of Coach Sarah Geronimo, Lyca Gairanod’s not just another ‘biritera’ but her story and charm has made everyone fall in love with her more.
Lyca's first solo album

Lyca's album is so cute with its pop-up concept.

Lyca’s parents knew she was special but not the star she’s meant to become. At a tender age, she had already shown her singing potential. She loves to sings songs of Miley Cyrus and Aegis [her favourite band]. She used to entertain her neighbours, performing for friends, family and even strangers and in return, they would give Lyca small amounts of money as their tokens of appreciation. She also used to sell recyclable items and saves up all her earnings to help her family.

The Voice Kids Grand Champ Lyca Gairanod signs a copy of her CD
 Lyca’s made of a total package performer. The girl not only sings well but dances gracefully too. But singing had always been her first love. During her blind audition for The Voice Kids, she would just sing her heart out and did her very best. “Each time I would perform, I always give my best so that I won’t have regrets later on.” Lyca said.

“I had no idea I would be the champion because there were a lot of kids who were better than me.” Lyca finally made her dream for her family come true with the new house she had won from the competition and a flourishing career to help sustain their livelihood. It was a big change for this cute 10-year-old. “I’ve never been happier. I’m able to provide for my family now. We no longer had to look for scrap materials like used plastic bottles [for recycling] to provide food for our table. I can also afford to send myself to homeschooling.”

Lyca Gairanod and Purple Plum Fairy

 Lyca’s determined to fulfil all her dreams. She understands that it’s not going to be easy, but she’s willing to give her all. She’ll be seen touring the rest of the country to promote her new album under MCA Music, some endorsements and acting assignments are also in the works too. Work will certainly be hectic for this precocious child, but her management makes sure she will still be allowed to play just like any ordinary kids. Lyca enjoys bonding time with her co-finalists on tour, especially riding the airplanes to and from locations. “It’s also difficult to be away from my family for a while. But then, that’s sacrifice. I seldom see them because I have work to do. My only motivation is the thought that I’m doing this for them, to provide for them and make them experience life’s comfort.”

Purple Plum Fairy with Lyca Gairanod as she signs the CD of her album for my giveaway.

“It seems like a dream for me to ride an airplane. I used to see them up high in the sky. Now, I’m lucky to be able to travel boarding them,” she added.

When we asked Lyca why it took her so long to release an album, Darren Espanto, her runner-up released his own album ahead of her. Lyca explained, “There were plans for each one of us. It took quite a while for me to come up with an album because they were looking for songs that would fit my age. I’m so happy that my album is finally out! It’s another dream come true.”

Lyca is more than happy to finally release her debut album via MCA Music entitled “Puede Nang Mangarap.” The much anticipated album features the carrier single of the same title composed by Jungee Marcelo. It perfectly describes her journey from the time she started up to now that she has her new album. Other exciting tracks that’s worth listening to are “Malalampasan” (Noel Mahinay), “Sa Isang Awit” (Andrei Chua Gungon), “Ngumiti Ka Lang” (Muriel Ann “Sisa” Jamito, Emman D’ Great and Jaydee Chua Gungon) and “Kung Kaya Mong Isipin” (Jude Gitamondoc). Inspirational Diva Jamie Rivera also contributed a song to Lyca—the playful and fun track “Tayo Ay Maglaro” which is about bringing back the traditional games Filipino children play like “tumbang preso,” “patintero,” and “piko.” Lyca also has her own cover of the melancholic song “Iingatan Ka,” popularized by Carol Banawa. The song is dedicated to her mother for always being there for her. The album also includes a remix version of the carrier single, “Puede Nang Mangarap” while the digital version includes some recorded covers of her performance from The Voice Kids.

“Puede Nang Mangarap” is now available at your favourite record bars. 

Fall in love with Lyca all over again by watching her perform the singles from her album:

She even has a message to her fans and supporters:

Yes, I'm giving away a signed copy of Lyca's debut album "Puede Nang Mangarap"

Yes, I'm giving away a signed copy of Lyca Gairanod's "Puede Nang Mangarap" debut album. Joining is easy peasy. This contest is only for Philippine residents. Winner must be willing to claim the prize in Quezon City. Just follow the rafflecopter below.:

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  1. I'm a big fan of Lyca ever since her The Voice Season 1 journey! I would love to win this autographed CD from her! Thank you so much for this give-away Miss Vance. :)


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