Friday, June 13, 2014

Meet Diego PLDT Home DSL Latest Star

Young charmer Diego Ledesma captures hearts as he answers questions online.

There have been a lot of Internet celebrities and online personalities that have made their presence felt not just on the Net but on social media as well. They've become so popular that they had thousands of followers and created great impact on their audiences too. One personality who sort of catapulted into the limelight was Derek Lorenzo--a young teenager who made waves via the famous 'Anna Banana' PLDT DSL series of commercial some years back. Remember those catchy tune of his own video he uploaded for Anna? That was so cute, right? PLDT Home DSL had always been trusted by the public thereby making its creative team to invest time, energy, research and effort for their messages to come across clearly to the public. Thus, they're always able to create commercials which focuses on family-oriented theme, something that every Filipino household can totally relate to. Now, there's a new kid on the block slowly but surely making history on Facebook which goes by the name Diego Ledesma--the newest PLDT Home DSL star sensation. 

The Ledesma Family 

Meet Seven-year-old Diego who has endeared himself to the public when he started out with an advice column on Facebook. Now, he has over 235,000 fans online, and thousands more adoring him on TV and in person, thanks much to the PLDT Home DSL commercial. People loved the idea of a cute boy's say on different matters (yes, even love) as he tries to answer their questions with his charm and wit. His family were very supportive too--parents Paolo and Lara and Ate Trisha--would sometimes help Diego on how to answer the tough questions. I think it's the sweetest and most adorable thing to do, help out people in his own little way by dishing out his two cents worth. And despite his very young age, people practically ask him lots of questions. 

Ryzza mae Dizon and PLDT Home DSL's newest sensation Diego Ledesma

I haven't personally seen Diego Ledesma myself, but based on television appearances and print ads, he's a really good looking boy. Diego and his family has made TV guestings recently via GMA 7' s top-rating shows like The Ryzza Mae Show where he bonded well with the Ryzza while doing selfies, and he also appeared in Eat Bulaga! where he met and charmed popular actor/TV host Vic Sotto. Diego also appeared on TV5's taping of Confessions of a Torpe featuring Ogie Alcasid who's son Nate is said to be smitten by Diego's charm as well. Diego has also appeared on leading newspapers, the most recently was the article written on The Philippine Star. Truly, Diego's popularity has come across all borders of communication and is such a perfect ambassador for a brand of communication such as PLDT Home DSL.

Diego Ledesma is supported by his entire family in his mission to help others.

With his dashing looks, it's no longer surprising that Diego's started to get 'mobbed' by adoring fans--kids, moms, young and old alike. He really had the spotlight especially when he attended events such as Frozen Skating Party, the PBA Finals and the movie premiere of X Men: Days of Future Past sponsored by PLDT Home DSL, of course. He's happy with all the attention he's getting from people as he had a lot of fun posing for photos with guests. If you'd like to catch up and see Diego in person, PLDT Home DSL is happy to announce that Diego also makes surprise appearances in PLDT Home DSL's mall events and barangay tours like the Great Payday Sale which happens every month. 

If you're curious about Diego and his lovable family, or you want to ask a question to him, go and like his page on Facebook via or log on to

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. 

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