Saturday, February 15, 2014

Discover the Wonders of Spain

I'm often associated with Spain. I've been teased and called "Ms. Spain" a lot of times and my teachers could easily remember me because of my surname--Madrid. Yet I had to admit I know very little of Spain--well, except maybe Barcelona, since I remember being an avid follower of the 1992 Summer Olympics games held in Barcelona, Spain. So what is it about Spain that makes it so special? I was surprised to know there's actually a lot more interesting things about Spain that most people probably don't know. I got to learn all these when I was invited recently to attend an event organized by Embajada de Espana en Filipinas about the said country's product update for 2014. 

For the record, Spain receives a whopping record of 60.7 million tourists in 2013! Wow! This makes Spain one of the top three most visited destinations in the world. Why is this so? No big surprise there as Spain's tourism industry had always been at the top of the world. Spain consistently holds strong and extensive attractions for tourists and guests, from its excellent cuisine, awesome destinations and such a shopping haven for shopaholics. Not to mention, there are many Spanish tour packages that have been put together with the help of valued local travel agents. 

There's a wide range of activities available to tourists and visitors in Spain from theme park visits of places such as Warner bros. Isla Magica, and Xanadu; shop until you drop shopping spree at the country's best shopping places like El Corte Ingels; Spain also houses the largest concentration of luxury brands at low prices like Gucci, Bulgari, Prada, Cartier, Lladro, Zara, and Mango--all have flagship stores in both Madrid and Barcelona. Add in Spain's nightlife, gastronomic adventures, honeymoon and romantic getaways, religious pilgrimages and visita iglesia, golfing, beach and cultural immersions. 

The Huffington also had a post which cites 20 reasons to drop everything and go to Spain. I'll give you here a few reasons why a visit to Spain this year is a must:

Jerez de la Frontera had been chosen as the European Wine City for 2014. Jerez is a city rich and diverse in wine culture. The Jerez Festival is on full-swing from February 21-March 8--they also put on the spotlight the passionate dance of flamenco. 

Spain won the bid for the World Cup Fever for the Year 2014! Yes, amigo! All eyes will be following their favorite teams at the World Cup 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this June 2014. FC Barcelona will surely keep the fire burning at the football field. Make sure to transit in either Barcelona or Madrid.

Spain is world's third destination in meetings, incentives, congresses and exhibitions in 2012. With more than 50 conference centers, located in a wide variety of different places and a broad range of infrastructure in continual growth and renewal, in response to the promising future of the sector in Spain. 

What makes Spain different is the establishments (modern ones) which co-exists with remnants of history. It is a melting pot of races and cultures brimming with diverse entertainment options, exciting attractions and a comprehensive transportation system. For these reasons and so much more, these are enough to make you fall in love with Spain, thereby making Spain as your top choice in your next travel destination. 

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Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions and impressions expressed are my own. 

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  1. I wanna travel to Spain too. I think they're so rich in structures that show their past and the wondrous architectural work back then. My oh my! Im drooling!


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