Thursday, June 30, 2011

Forever Kids: Say Buh-Bye to Vitamin Spills the Fun Way!

Forever Kids bottle.
I hate having to call Kyle to take his Vitamins. As a toddler, I remember my sister needed to hold Kyle to sit still and make his mouth open widely each time he’s asked to take his medicines. Now that he’s eight, nothing much has changed. He’s still as fidgety as ever. His bed sheets and toys would either have stains of medicine syrup that he’s just taken. And that clearly annoys me because I’m the one in charge of washing his clothes and beddings as well. 
At his age, his pediatrician says he’s allowed to take medicines in capsule and tablet form only if he wants to. And we must be careful with it as it might go through his larynx instead of him swallowing the pill. To be honest, Kyle abhors to take in anything regardless if it’s sweet flavored vitamins or bitter medicines. And when he says he won’t take it, nobody can ever make him do so. Unless, you bribe him into something he truly likes. But it’s something I do not want to do because it's not proper.  So it’s usually a difficult time for us when he gets sick, the technique that we did was make him swallow half banana with the pill stuck inside it.  Yup, this trick does help. Since Kyle loves bananas, making him swallow the huge chunk of banana was a whole lot easier than making him pop the tablet. 
I wish there are still chewable vitamins today just as I had when I was a kid. Things would be easier if Kyle would take it instead of anything syrupy. I could not thank the high heavens when a friend had given me sample of Forever Kids.  This chewable vitamins contains carrots, acerola, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, apples, cranberries (good for the kidney), tomatoes (has lycopene that fights certain kind of cancer) and citrus fruits on it. It is rich in phytonutrients and it has a complete vitamins and mineral for both kids and adults.  When you take a closer look at it, its got everything you’ll ever need in a vitamin supplement. 
And what’s more, I could now say buh-bye to vitamin spills and that large chunk of banana with capsule inside we used to give Kyle.  The best thing about Forever Kids, Kyle loved it! Since he does, I figured it must have really taste great.  But I decided to try it for myself so I took one tablet. Alas! It tasted like real orange and grapes with the best part—each tablet had animal shapes. 
Reading the label is very important to me before actually giving it to Kyle. Since he’s got ADHD, I’m very particular about the kind of ingredients each product was made of. I’ve learned from parenting seminars I’ve previously attended that the first on the list among its contents meant that it had the most among all the other ingredients on the list. With ADHD, Kyle isn’t allowed to take anything with contents of allura red, sodium benzoate, yellow number 5 and tartrazine. 
Forever Kids is safe for Kyle and was made for two years old and above, even adults. It had no artificial color or ingredients. It is made from all natural ingredients. I have also noticed that Kyle does have the appetite he needs daily. This product from Forever Living is making wonders for Kyle’s health. He used to be a picky eater. But since taking Forever Kids, he’s able to eat two cups of rice per meal time. It’s something really amazing for me, knowing fully well that he can’t even finish his plate before he started taking this amazing chewable vitamins from Forever Living.
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Say buh-bye with ordinary vitamin spills with Forever Kids Chewable Vitamins, taking supplements had never been this fun and easy!

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