Thursday, March 31, 2011

Summer Fun, Here We Come!

Bored? Fret not, here are some ideas which you and your child can do for the summer. Just let your creative juices flow, Mommies. Pretty soon, you'll find an activity that'll be best for you and your kids. What's more? You'll learn about their talents and interests plus bond sometime together. How's that for one perfect summer to remember?

As you can see this do-it-yourself kite is very fun to color.

A great bonding time for Mom and kids, you guys can color it together.

Voila! It's now ready to fly high in the sky.

Do-it-yourself kite kit is available in Global Art School.

Let your little boys try a hand in craft making with this book by Jomike Tejido.

If girls had paper dolls, boys could not be left behind, they have Foldabots!

Look at what Kyle had created with his own pencil. A rooster for a decor!

With a little creativity, like Kyle, your kids can do something as cute as this penguin pencil holder.

Summer is fast approaching. Soon school will be out and kids will get bored if we would just let them stay at home doing nothing but watch TV. They might end up as couch potatoes and we sure don’t want that to happen don’t we?
So apart from going to the beach this summer, have you made any plans about anything productive that you and your kids will enjoy? I don’t know about your own style mommies, but planning ahead for Kyle’s summer had always been on top of my priorities.

Since he’s got ADHD, I can’t just be complacent and leave him to the TV or PC all summer. As you all know, ADHD kids gets easily bored and their attention span is very limited. It had indeed become some sort of a challenge on my part, because as a parent, I had to think of creative and productive ways to spend his summer vacation. Of course, I had to consider Kyle’s preferences and interests as well.

In the past years, Kyle had attended PBA basketball clinic under coach Norman black, he had art lessons with Kids at Art, cartoon sketching with Junior Inquirer, tried his hand in the CCA junior chef kitchen, some acting workshop, and academic related summer classes.
This year, we had started his summer vacation with a soccer clinic by Futkalera (street soccer), sponsored by McDonald’s. Then, we’ve joined hands on whipping up delicious recipes by working on our kitchen, we had recently made a do-it-yourself kite that we intend to fly soon. Kyle might also be joining a dance workshop soon. And there are also plans of bonding time with his Grandfather—my Dad wanted to spend time with him in his farm, maybe he’ll teach Kyle to care for his plants. Personally, I do want to see Kyle to learn how to swim this summer, hopefully, he’d overcome his fear for water. 

If art isn't their thing, how about cooking? Kyle made this cake for us.

For summer activities, there are a lot of options to choose from. But we must be careful in choosing which ones we’d enroll our kids into. Every summer must be meaningful and filled with fun memories that kids will keep in their hearts forever.
Have a great summer!


  1. Hi Vance! I'm your new followah! from deiville & Foodamn! =)

  2. wow, i love the kite sis, where can i get one?would love to color + fly a kite with my son:)

  3. The Do-it-yourself kite we had was from Global Arts school found in Fun Runch. They have these amazing kits sold in their school for a reasonable price. Hope you could get one for Jared too.


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