Saturday, March 26, 2011 is where items are sold for a steal!

The laptop I got for my aunt.

I am no tech savvy although I do not consider myself dumb either. But when my aunt’s old laptop had totally turned into black while I was using it, I totally freaked out! I later figured that her laptop must have finally needed rest after being used and abused by yours truly for the past five years.  Hence, it had been my mission to find another laptop after accidentally destroying hers.

There was another problem though. I could not afford to buy her a brand new one. Buying such would be more expensive and I needed to find one the soonest possible. I’ve also been inquiring and trying to check out desktop computers instead.  I asked my friends’ opinions if I should be getting another laptop or a desktop computer. I also asked around where I could purchase the cheapest deals online. All techie websites are helpful in their own special kind of way, but when you’re looking for the perfect gizmo, it pays to do your own research, most especially when you’re tight on the budget like me.

Luckily, I was able to come across The site had been really helpful and is heavily packed with the cheapest used computer deals in town. It is user-friendly even for those who did not have a clue how to buy items online. They sell other items apart from gadgets too. The prices are reasonable and what I truly liked about it is that the items are up-to-date. Their online shop section had a price list that makes it easier and convenient for visitors and shoppers alike. 

Personally speaking, I find as very easy to navigate with the simplest free online marketplace. You can basically buy and sell from the different regions in the country.  Not to mention, it’s a good venue to earn money online. 

In the end, I was able to purchase another laptop for my dear aunt who finally stopped nagging me for destroying her most precious gadget. And I really felt relieved as she was truly satisfied with my purchase. Some of my relatives had also sold some items online that they longer need. In the process, they were able to hit two birds with one stone—getting rid of something and gaining money as well. truly lives up to its name--aside from having one the best used computer deals online, they have been gaining recognition on the web by simply words of mouth with numerous satisfied online customers like us.


  1. Ayos talaga sa AyosDito. Got a great deal a few months ago :-)

  2. I love shopping online.. :)

  3. True... AyosDito does have numerous listing for laptops and more! I used AyosDito to sell stuff on several occasions too. I recommend using this buy-and-sell site.

  4. Thank you for all your comments. It does pay to know who you're dealing with online. And to have that peace of mind, you have to make transactions with a site like AyosDito where customers safety comes first.

  5. Never had the chance to buy in that site pero i always hear positive feedbacks. :)

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  6. Yup, you can find most anything on :) Online shopping is addictive.

  7. online shopping is really addictive! you can really find almost anything you need on

  8. Nice site for online shopping.

  9. I love browsing over's clean formatting. No pesky pop-ups!


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