Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Day We Almost Lost Kyle

January 26, 2011 1:45PM

I had decided to take a nap after lunch that day.  An hour later I found myself waking up and I realized Kyle hasn’t been home yet. I looked at the clock…2PM. Kyle should be home by now since his class dismissal time is at 1:15PM.  Whatever happened to him, I wondered. A few minutes later, there was a knock on our gate.  Then, I heard my mom’s voice screamed from downstairs, “Hurry up, something happened to Kyle.”
I immediately went down to help assist Kyle. And then I saw him—all pale with bruises on his head and left hand, wounds on his left elbow and the bridge of his nose with a mix of sweat, blood and tears flowing on his face. He was accompanied by a thirty-something man (who turned-out to be the culprit, the tricycle driver who hit him) and a girl passenger with a pc on hand.
We couldn’t just let it all pass—I asked Kyle if there’s something that hurts. He said there was a throb on his head, hurting really bad. My Aunt Nelly asked for the man’s name, his tricycle’s body number (yellow Hi-Top bound #36) as well as his contact details. The guy even pleaded not to bring the incident to the baranggay (local government unit)—and that he’s willing to assist if there’s anything we need. 
After Kyle had finished eating his lunch, we asked him again if his head still hurts. He nodded. We had all agreed to have him examined at the hospital. I texted the man named Erwin, I told him we better be sure that Kyle’s fine and that there’s no need for us to worry.  My aunt Nelly called him and asked him to help us bring Kyle to the hospital for further medical examination. Erwin agreed, but explained that he needs to borrow money first so we had to give him a little more time. Although we did not report the said incident to the baranggay, someone must have seen what happened and we later found out that one of our kagawad (councilor) Budang, knocked on our house and extended a few help in taking Kyle to the hospital.
When Kyle got to the hospital he was given tetanus toxoid vaccine right away, they also gave first aid to his wounds before they’ve screened him for necessary X-rays such as the elbows and nose. It was such a good thing that everything turned out okay. Indeed, Kyle’s guardian angel must’ve saved him and spared his life.
It was a day of lessons for us all: For Kyle, to be extra careful and examine both sides of the street before crossing (Never to run again), for us, to fetch Kyle to school—it’s best to be safe than sorry.
According to Kyle this near-death experience had taught him about life, , that any given moment you could lose your life or that of your loved one. While at the emergency room, Kyle saw all the different kinds of patients and he saw a young boy about his age whose mouth they had to stitch because it didn’t stop from bleeding.  “The boy was crying so bad, it probably hurts so much,” says Kyle.  “I was afraid of my own injection but I figured, his case was much more painful than mine. I prayed to God to keep that boy safe,” he relates.
We almost lost Kyle that day. And we keep thanking God he’s still with us at this very moment.  No matter how annoying he could sometimes be, we still love him for beyond that lies a kind-hearted child longing for a love he could never have. 
And to you who was supposedly beside Kyle during that time he needed you the most, thank you for simply texting us to know how he’s doing.  At least, it had shown that you somehow cared for him.  I hope it’s not too late for you to show him your love. He’s given another life, you should shower him with all the love you’re supposed to give him. You know who you are, I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to mention you here. I know you might not be bale to read this, but for those who know you, please make her realize how irresponsible she could be. She’s the only one he’s got, and yet where is she? He’s beginning to think he’s not from you, and although WE SAID HE’S REALLY YOUR FAMILY, he felt otherwise.  PLEASE TRY YOUR BEST to make up to him. Kyle really felt bad that you were not around and you didn’t make any effort to call. 
Kyle with his fave cartoon hero, Spiderman.

I thank everyone who sent in their prayers and help, Special thanks to Ate Nelly, and Kyle’s class adviser, Teacher Gregoria Ruste.


  1. gosh mommy, very scary!am only glad kyle is okay now..bless him..

  2. Hey Vance, "that" person will have a lot of explaining to do when the right time comes. We both know who she is. On the other hand, God allowed Kyle to be with you because He knows that you are more capable and you would love Kyle more than anything in this world. Great blessings await you my friend. Hang in there and I always keep you all in my prayers.

    Jo Anne

  3. thanks, Joanne. Anyway, "that" person had finally come to her senses after I had talked to her about it. She paid him a visit last night. It may not do much for Kyle, but I knew it made his day. And for me, that's a good start. I pray for your family as well. God bless!

  4. oh my. just read, glad Kyle is okay now...


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