Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Circulan 4 in 1 solved my problem

A box of Circulan was an answer to my prayers.

Being overweight had brought me hormonal problems.  I don't have monthly periods on a regular basis. I never liked to take pills because it takes its toll on me. I would either have more appetite or I'll have extreme migraines if ever I'd be popping pills to regulate my period. When a friend of mine introduced me to Circulan 4 in 1, I swear I thought she's getting it all wrong. Why would I need a food supplement in the first place? But I tried it just the same, I figured there's no harm in trying it out. it wouldn't be approved by BFAD if it's not safe. 

When I started taking Circulan 4 in 1, I had no idea if there's gonna be some side effects. And yes, there was a side effect...I've observed I sleep earlier when I pop on the pill. And eventually, I was surprised that after about more than a year, I had my period back. Circulan even helped regulate my period. Now, i have no more worries...It was an answer to my prayers. I sleep well and I no longer have hormonal imbalance as I get my period regularly now. Thanks to Circulan. 

Circulan 4 in 1 is available in leading drugstores nationwide.   

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