Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Shuji Kida Salon Experience

The facade of ShujiKida Salon in Greenhills.

I was quite hesitant to go to this upscale salon knowing fully well that I'm not really the type  of person who'd pamper herself or one who's used to availing salon services and aesthetic products on a regular basis.  But i decided to give it a try. ShujiKida Salon isn't your ordinary salon. Their services were a bit expensive to begin with, imagine getting a haircut for P600-European style and for the Japanese style, they charge P900--I figured, it must be reasonably priced. However, it promises a great salon experience, making you feel like a celebrity.
Do I look like I don't want myself to be photographed? That's because the answer is yes.

Shuji Kida gives one a personal care. Unlike other salons where you can just walk-in, this special salon needs you to set up an appointment early on. You need to book your schedule. And one doesn't end up in a couch waiting too--the minute you step into their salon--they'll accomodate you as soon as possible, VIP style--similar to those in Beverly Hills. That's probably what makes Shuji Kida a cut above the rest.

I later found out that my P600 worth haircut was indeed reasonably priced--during the shampooing and hair conditioning, I received one of the most relaxing hair and scalp massage I ever got that must have sent me to dreamland if I had not been strong enough to fight my sleepy head. The massage was a whole lot better than all the other hot oil massage I had received in the past.

I'm trying to fight back my sleepy head as the stylist trims my hair.

I actually had no plans of blogging about this trip to the salon but since Kyle had taken photos while my hair was being trimmed, he had become sort of my unofficial photographer after he gulped down two glasses of iced teas and a pack of choco biscuits--he got bored so he took photos of me. I figured, I'd better make use of them so I my sharing with you my Shuji Kida Salon experience. 

If you want a great pampering hair experience just like mine, come and visit Shuji Kida Salon. 

Shuji Kida Hair Salon
City Center Building
338 Ortigas Avenue
Greenhills, San Juan

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