Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pho Hoa Food Adventure

Admit it, we all love to eat. What’s a more perfect way to spend the day at the mall than to bask in gastronomic delight in the company of good friends?

Rona Apostol, Ana Llanera, my 8-year-old nephew Kyle and yours truly, went to dine at Pho’Hoa, the Vietnamese Noodle House at their branch in Eastwood. Rona was used with Vietnamese food since back in Anaheim, California where she lives, there were a lot of Vietnamese food shops and kiosks (where the film The Fast and the Furious was shot) to begin with. But for Ana, Kyle and I—eating Vietnamese food was an adventure in itself.

I’m a food aficionado, but the only Vietnamese food I’m familiar with is none other than the Vietnamese Spring rolls with peanut sauce. At first I was hesitant to eat at a restaurant and cuisine I’m not that familiar with especially with a kid in tow. Kyle is a picky eater and I was honestly afraid he might not like the food. But alas! It turned out as a big surprise—he loved it! He ordered a grilled pork chop with fried rolls with sugared vinegar dip and Vietnamese rice. I’ve had a deliciously comforting traditional Vietnamese Beef Soup. Filled with choice slices of beef, bean sprouts, and flavored with fresh coriander leaves, hot pepper and lemon wedges. It’s a perfect end to an all-night gimmick with friends.

Pho’Hoa Megamall B—6830167

Inset: A steaming bowl of Vietnamese Beef bowl and the popular Vietnamese Spring rolls.

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  1. mouth-watering spring rolls..yum yum :) d best! Great job Vanessa.


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