Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mommy Academy Invites Everyone to Attend FREE Parenting Seminars

There is no parenting school that's made available to us. And for first-time parents, we just had to rely on our own parents, set of friends and other relatives for advices. But sometimes what works for them may not necessarily work for our own kids, especially when it comes to disciplining. Why is this so? Simply because each child is different. You can't discipline an introvert child by making him face the wall, he'd like it and it wouldn't seem like a punishment at all. The question is, Are you doing the right thing when it comes to feeding your toddler and disciplining your kids?
Focus on the positive behaviour of your kids. How often have we heard this piece of advice? But there maybe a grain of truth in it. Especially when it comes to disciplining our kids, we must always teach and reinforce good behavior. The same principle applies when instilling healthy eating habits in toddlers. That’s why it’s important for us to be hands-on when it comes to raising our children. Sounds easier said than done? If these issues have been on your mind for a while now, we’re here to help. We invite fellow Moms and Dads to attend FREE parenting seminars by Mommy Academy Club or MA Club.

It's such a good thing, there's Mommy Academy to help us out. They hold parenting seminars and workshops for FREE. What's more they even have a place where your kids can enjoy at the same time. So while you attend and listen to the guest speakers, you're rest assured, your kids are having fun and you don't have to worry. All you had to do is, pre-register or simply visit their website at You may also call 8256564 or 8257454 to register and for other inquiries, please look for Era or Lani.


  1. Hi! We just met at Active Fun today. I made it here to your blog. Hope you visit me too and join my giveaway. See ya! :D

  2. mummy, i registered to this event already, do they send you confirmation text or email afterwards cause i didn't receive still working on my sched so i can go...sabay tayo ha?


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