Monday, October 11, 2010

Soyami Soya Chips: Sooo Yummmy Good!

Are you fond of eating junk foods as a kid? C’mon, admit it. I was once addicted to junk foods when I was young. Perhaps that’s why I’m carrying such bloated body ‘til now that I’m way past my youth. But there was really that point in our lives where you gave in to such cravings—even for once. Back then, I remember I love licking my fingers for an honest-to-goodness junk food trip. Gone are the days when tartrazine, monosodium glutamate (popularly known as MSG) and Yellow #5 were part of the ingredients in each food snack, the very reason why it’s called “junk food” in the first place. Those ingredients are harmful to our health.

With advance food technology comes healthier alternatives. People are becoming aware of healthier food options and changing their lifestyles. Personally, I’ve learned to ditch off the junk food I used to love in favor of healthier snacks and salads. And I guess it’s never to late to start a healthier you.

There was the tahong chips, but it had rough edges and didn’t smell good. Then came the cassava chips, but not everyone liked it knowing fully well that it needed flavor powders to achieve taste. And now, here’s the Soyami—unbelievably crispy (really, even after prolong air exposure in a room temperature). It’s not oily and promises crunch in every bite.

Soyami Soya Chips are made from real soya and enriched wheat flour. It’s low in calories, fats and sodium compared to other leading brands. It’s high in protein and fiber. It has no preservatives, no MSG and 0% transfat. It is a snack that satisfies our cravings but does not contain the unhealthy contents of other snack foods. It provides the protein, calcium to people of all ages may it be children to adults. Soyami Soya Chips are available in three variants: Original, Pizza and White Cheddar flavors.
I’m partial to the white cheddar variant because I’m a certified cheese lover. But I’d suggest you try all flavors for you to find out which one you’d love to munch on. Once opened, you’ll go munching, munching and munching without the guilt.

What more can I say? Pretty soon, you’ll be screaming with Soooo Yummmy when these healthy chips hit the market soon.
Soyami Soya Chips will be available in the shelves soon at all leading supermarkets.

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