Monday, August 21, 2023

Getting Back into Fitness After a Break

 At some point, we all take a break from our fitness routines. These breaks can be enforced by illness, pregnancy, or injury, or they simply occur because we’re too busy, we’ve fallen out of love with our exercise of choice, or we’ve got out of the habit. Whatever the reason for your break, it can be hard to get back into the swing of things again. Here are some tips to help you.

Get into a Routine That Works for You

Getting into and sticking to a fitness routine is often about building habits. So, before you start, create a routine that will work. Are you the sort of person who will get up at 6am for a workout? Or will you put it off and feel bad for the rest of the day? Will you swim after work, or will a drink with colleagues be too tempting?

Try to fit exercise into your lifestyle in a way that will be easy to stick to, whether this is a full workout once a week, and after-dinner walks the rest of the time or early morning yoga sessions.

Commit to Little and Often

If you’ve been away from exercise for a while, the idea of a 30-minute run or 90 minutes at the gym will be understandably overwhelming. So, instead, commit to little and often. Go for a 10-minute walk at lunchtime, stretch in the morning before you get dressed, swim a few lengths with a friend and build up from there.

Commit to a Challenge

Some people feel more motivated by a challenge. Something like Couch to 5K or a walking challenge with friends could keep you going.

Find Joy

You are more likely to stick to exercise if you enjoy it. So, think about what you might like, and don’t be scared to try new things or to think out of the box.

Try Something New

Whatever the reason for your break, trying something new can be a great idea. It can help to ease you in slowly, give you a chance to find something that you enjoy, or be effective cross-training to boost your stamina.

Pilates classes in Bristol can be an excellent idea, no matter how high your fitness levels currently are. If you are returning to exercise following childbirth, postnatal Pilates in Bristol can be the perfect reintroduction to exercise. If you are interested, learn more about private Pilates in Bristol today.

Reassess Your Goals

If you’ve only taken a few weeks off for something like a holiday, then your fitness levels shouldn’t have dropped too much, and you should be able to carry on as usual fairly soon without changing your goals. But if your original plan was to run a marathon in a month, and you haven’t run for six months, you probably need to reassess. Trying to stick to your old goals will only leave you feeling demotivated. Start with much smaller goals and build up.

Look at Your Lifestyle

A break from exercise can also mean a break from healthy eating, good sleep routines, and other good habits. Before getting back to exercise, think about what else you might need to change and what other good habits you need to get back into.

The first step to returning to exercise is getting out there. Even a short walk or a gentle swim can be ideal, and it will get you back into the habit and remind you of how great you feel after.

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