Friday, May 26, 2023

The Best Wedding Flowers for Every Season


Every bride knows flowers are an important part of any wedding day. Tying together the bride, groom, and wedding party, as well as the wedding and reception venues, the flowers you choose for your special day can say a lot about you as a couple – especially about your taste and style.

Neutral tones are a classic choice that won’t date in photographs and that complement many themes, making them a popular option for brides all year round. These flowers are always in demand with a Somerset luxury wedding florist and can provide the wow factor for your wedding day.

Top Choices for Spring Weddings

A wedding florist in Somerset notes that many popular spring flowers are naturally neutral, such as delicate snowdrops and lily of the valley, while other seasonal favourites such as daffodils are available in muted shades. Pink Champagne has a soft peachy tone whereas the multiheaded Erlicheer bring a hint of lemon to a bouquet, along with a heady fragrance which can add to your special day. Tulips are another wonderful choice for a spring wedding with Maureen a timeless bloom with the classic fluted shape. Brides wishing to add a splash of bold colour might opt for the Danceline variety, which is cream with a kiss of cerise.

Top Choices for Summer Weddings

Summer weddings are still the most popular choice, and with so many flowers at their best throughout the summer months, it’s easy to see why. White roses are ideal for the minimalist summer bride, especially as they traditionally symbolise loyalty, purity and innocence – perfect for the fresh start of a wedding day – or opt for blousy peonies to make a statement. A wonderfully opulent luxury wedding florist Somerset brides will adore! Freesias and gypsophelia can create a soft summer look, giving a relaxed vibe ideal for country weddings or low-key ceremonies.

Top Choices for Autumn Weddings

While the rose is still in season at the start of the autumn, there are a variety of interesting flowers available for brides getting married in September and October seeking Somerset luxury wedding flowers. From the tightly coiled petals of the ranunculus to eye-catching café au lait dahlias the size of dinner plates, the styles and shapes available during autumn ensure your flowers will stand out from the crowd.

Top Choices for Winter Weddings

An all-white winter wedding is a fantastic talking point and a stylish choice for brides-to-be. Floral choices are not as thin on the ground as you might expect with the darker days, with the daisy-like gerbera, fragile hellebore, and gardenias ideal choices for weddings in the cooler months. A well-respected Somerset wedding florist such as will be able to suggest which blooms will best suit your needs.

Choosing your wedding flowers is a thrilling moment for all brides. If you are unsure about which neutral flowers to go for, speak to your florist who will be able to show you the options available and how they can be arranged.

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