Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Have a healthy, happy smile with the new Glister oral care solution


Your smile says a lot about who you are. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), dental health is critical to long-term welfare and quality of life. It's an often-overlooked fact that the mouth is a gateway to general wellness. It's where both nourishment and sickness enter the body, thus it needs special attention. Keeping your mouth, teeth, and oral microbiome healthy is essential for feeling safe. Having a healthy and joyful grin is also vital for developing self-confidence since it allows you to engage with others without feeling awkward or hesitant.

This is why practicing good oral hygiene, such as brushing and flossing every day, is essential for keeping our mouths (and smiles) healthy. Good dental hygiene can also assist to prevent problems such as cavities and gum disease. and bad breath by balancing the bacteria in our mouths and keeping the harmful ones in check. Without a consistent daily regimen, dental issues are more likely to contribute to more serious health issues, problems associated to cardiovascular and respiratory health.

Glister, the popular dental care brand of entrepreneur-led health and wellness company Amway, is advocating a 3-Step Oral Care System that’s designed to gently clean teeth, freshen breath, and keep gums healthy—all without disrupting the delicate oral microbiome.

The first step to this oral care system is Glister Multi-Action Toothpaste, the top selling Amway product for the past 25 years. It can gently and effectively prevent cavities, remove plaque, and reduce staining on teeth enamel for a whiter, brighter smile. Like all the other Glister formulas, this toothpaste boasts of plant- and naturally derived ingredients, including natural silica that gently polishes teeth and traceable Nutrilite-grown peppermint—a significant step the brand takes to ensure each product is safe and effective.

It also includes Reminact technology, which helps remineralize vital minerals back onto the enamel, strengthening the teeth and making them more resistant to decay. Glister toothpaste also contains just the correct quantity of fluoride to counteract the demineralization effect of acid generated in plaque on the teeth and protect them further from cavities. To ensure everyone's comfort, It is also free of alcohol, parabens, and animal-derived substances.

Glister Multi-Action Toothbrush in soft and medium bristles is available to supplement this phase. Each is designed with an in-mold technique that allows for a thinner head, allowing for greater flexibility,  more effective cleaning of hard-to-reach spots and with an integrated tongue/cheek cleaner.

Flossing is the second Glister-approved oral care procedure, and it is essential for cleaning every nook and crevice of the teeth that brushing alone may overlook. Glister Multi-Action Dental Floss was created specifically for this purpose.

The goal is to eliminate plaque from hard-to-reach regions while also gently stimulating the gums. It's shaped like a flat ribbon and covered with a naturally derived wax that allows it to slip and glide softly between teeth and just below the gumline.

Amway's dental care brand also offers the Glister Multi-Action Concentrated Oral Rinse, which can help destroy gingivitis and foul breath-causing bacteria (it's infused with garlic).

Each bottle can be used up to 100 times. It also does not include any chemical dyes, alcohol, peroxide, sugar, or parabens.

Amway's dental care brand also offers the Glister Multi-Action Concentrated Oral Rinse, which can help destroy gingivitis and foul breath-causing bacteria (it's infused with garlic). Peppermint essential oil powered by Nutrilite). When compared to brushing alone, it can considerably reduce plaque and clean between teeth. This oral rinse's highly concentrated recipe allows it to be diluted.

Brush, floss, rinse, and refresh with Glister oral health products to strengthen and protect the delicate gateway to your entire body and support your general health, wellness, and happiness. Indeed, your smile does say a lot about you. Keep it radiant and healthy with Glister.

Find out more about Glister products and the 3-step oral care solution through our Amway entrepreneurs, @OfficalAmwayPH on Facebook, @nutrilite_ph on Instagram, and the Amway website at Glister™ | Amway Philippines | Amway Philippines.

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