Thursday, March 9, 2023

The Rise of Empowered Lady Bossings: Women's League Improve Your Logistics Opportunities with Lalamove


Irene Rampola

Being a partner driver and a fleet owner has been made seemingly accessible for all by Lalamove, a leading on-demand delivery platform. This Women’s Month, meet the empowered “Lady Bossings” who empower other women in  Lalamove’s partner driver community. With its easy application process and fast approval, one can enjoy the luxury of working at their own pace while experiencing the perks of being a micro-entrepreneur.

Irene Rampola, a former employee of an automotive dealership company, decided to start her
fleet operations business after doing a thorough research and learning about Lalamove’s fleet
management program.

The ability to spend more time with her children is one of the benefits of starting a business for her. Her income from fleet management enabled her to provide for her family and begin the construction of their own home. They are able to do so with the assistance of the partner drivers under her supervision. Together, they are assisting one another in becoming "their own bosses" as micro-entrepreneurs.

After experiencing the numerous benefits of the fleet management program, she encourages other mothers to continue learning and to not be scared to try something new. "I'm not frightened to explore new things that were exclusively meant for males. I once drove my Lalamove truck. As well as get scheduled, so I can experience what it's like to be a partner driver. Lalamove empowers me to show people that gender will not define your success in life; it’s how you see things in life that matter,” Rampola added.

Partner driver twinning and winning in Lalamove

Joy Bell Jalandoni and Jovylyn Kabingue

Joy Bell Jalandoni and Jovylyn Kabingue, identical twins, earned a steady income with Lalamove as full-time motorbike partner drivers. Joy Bell was persuaded to join Lalamove and work as a microentrepreneur as a partner driver by her sister Jovylyn, who used to be an OFW in Qatar.
At the height of the pandemic.

The twins enjoy utilizing the platform since they can choose which orders to accept. And, like Rampola, they appreciate that Lalamove allows them to attend to their other responsibilities as moms to their children while still assisting their families financially. This is significant for Jovylyn, who is a single mom of an 11-year-old child.

Being a female partner driver has its benefits, but it also has its drawbacks. Joy Bell says she's lost count of the number of times she's faced discrimination for doing a job that most males are expected to do. Yet, with her chin up, she boldly informs skeptics, "Not all of them." Women should be confined to their homes. What matters is that you are able to assist your family and your husband. 

Vallery Agustin

Vallery Agustin, a part-time Lalamove partner driver, stated in a social media post in 2022 that she will provide free deliveries once her Driving license is obtained. examination. In 2023, five lucky Lalamove clients receive complimentary deliveries from Agustin on the day she finds out she passed the exam. She began with Lalamove in 2020 to work additional money to support her family and pay for her tuition. Besides from earning a living, she views riding and traveling to be benefits of conducting deliveries. She even shared a portion of the cost for her licensure review. Her revenues from Lalamove were under scrutiny.

Her words of advice to her fellow partner drivers are to love what they do and to be vigilant. "Nothing is impossible for women," she says to the ladies who want to be partner drivers. We can certainly do what guys can accomplish. The key is perseverance. Thank You, Lalamove, since I'm here in this life-changing moment because of you."

Lalamove aims to empower the communities it belongs to, thus, it offers a lot of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. This Women’s Month, Lalamove wants to showcase that being in the logistics industry knows no bounds – be it a partner driver or a fleet management operator, Lalamove can help anyone – regardless of gender – jumpstart their business across its serviceable areas in Luzon and Cebu.

Learn how to be part of Lalamove by visiting and download the
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