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Request and Issuance of PSA Documents are just a click away


Wedding preparation isn't easy

I remember those days back in mid-2020 when my husband and I were just about to get married. We were in the middle of a COVID surge when my ex-boyfriend (now husband) Jason had popped in the question and we both decided it was time to walk down the aisle. But prior to the church preparation, we had to go through a lot (and by that, I really mean a LOT!)—prepare as many documents as required and attend seminars together to be able to secure papers for the wedding. And let me tell you, they weren’t easy to begin with. 

While people have been sending congratulatory messages on your engagement, your head is constantly besieged by images of you in a beautiful white dress with the man of your dreams waiting for you at the altar, you had to face the harsh reality too that such haze will fade away as you approach the date of your wedding. With the wedding preps going to stress the hell out of you, you need to brace yourself for the challenge that awaits you. 

Imagine having to get up early, make sure you allot a proper time schedule (in between working from home), prepare the needed vital documents, secure birth certificates, CENOMAR (for each of us), confirmation certificates, marriage banns, canonical interviews, pre-cana seminar, family life seminar, health seminar, etc. Then, not to mention, you have to stress traveling back & forth to the different offices where you’d have to take these necessary papers and having to endure really long queues. And on top of that, you had to endure being exposed to so many people (silently praying that no one in the area is positive for the COVID virus). So it’s really such a relief when you learn that there is an option for you not to go through such hassle. It is during times like these when you can rely on

It's just too bad that I wasn't familiar yet how convenient this site is during that time that my husband and I were processing our documents. But when we were in need of marriage certificate, it was when I had avail the services of Their service was so fast and easy. I had our documents in a few days. No sweat, no hellish traffic and I had them all done with just a few clicks on my mouse and a few taps of my mobile phone for instant payment. 

CENOMAR is a must for all who wanted to tie the knot

Now, going back to this certificate called CENOMAR. For those of you who still do not know, Cenomar is a requirement for a marriage license and fiancĂ© visa application. You might also need to provide it for embassy verification and other travel purposes. This document can also be produced as a backup document in some legal issues. 

This PSA-issued document stands for Certificate of No Marriage Record. It can also be referred to as Certificate of No Record of Marriage or Certificate of Singleness. This document provides evidence that a person has not contracted any marriage. Find out more about Cenomar in this article. 

While online applications take longer, they are the best, especially now that it is pandemic and everyone gets paranoid about the Covid-19 virus and its many variants. This is also the best choice if you need your certificate to be delivered asap. Filipinos living abroad might also find this option more useful.

PSAHelpline is an accredited partner of the PSA for the online ordering and delivery of PSA birth, marriage, and death certificates as well as CENOMAR. It can process and deliver requests within the Philippines. 

How to make a request:

  • Visit the PSA Helpline website. 
  • Fill in your personal details and click on “Order now.” 
  • Choose “Cenomar/Birth cert, Marriage Cert, Death Cert” from the options. 
  • Select the purpose of the request.
  •  Fill in the required details and click “Submit." 
  • Give all the additional details requested and click “Continue.” 
  • Pay processing fees. Confirm your order. 
  • Wait for your Cenomar delivery. 

Apart from CENOMAR, you are also required to obtain a certified true copy of your birth certificate. Both parties (bride & groom) had to get each. Delivery for birth certificates may take a few days so it's best to secure a copy ahead of time. 

A requirement of "adulting" is knowing how to apply for a birth certificate. The document is pretty much required almost every time you are applying for something new--whether it's a new job, a passport, or a driver's license--it is necessary. Plus, having the document is an easy way to prove your birth date and identity--you never know when the need may arise. 

Birth Certificate

Fortunately, even if it's your first time applying for a birth certificate, requesting the document from the Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA) is now super easy. The easiest way to get your birth certificate is online--this way, you can say adieu to Metro Manila's hellish traffic and the long lines. To get your birth certificate online, visit PSAhelpline.pha one-stop online portal for requesting a birth, marriage, or death certificate, or a certificate of no marriage.

A copy of our marriage certificate from PSA

At the PSAHelpline website, just fill up the delivery form, which will ask your full name and address for delivery as well as other necessary information such as your birthdate and parent's names. 

After you have filled up your form, you will be redirected to a confirmation page. Check your details, make sure that spellings and the details are correct. So it's always best to double-check. 

You'll also be asked whether you've ever had a correction or amendment done on your birth certificate and whether you've already requested a corrected birth certificate from the PSA office. 

You will also be asked for your purpose of application and--if you're not requesting for yourself--your relationship with the owner of the birth certificate. You can also request multiple copies of your birth certificate. 

Once you've checked and made sure all your info is correct and you have submitted a request form, you will then be redirected to a page that will give you a batch request number and instruction on how to pay for your request--each copy of the birth certificate will cost you for a minimum delivery within the Philippines. The fee is already inclusive of processing fee, delivery charges and taxes. 

Payment can be done over-the-counter, through online banking via BDO or Metrobank, credit cards (VISA/Mastercard/Bancnet accepted), or conveniently via GCash, PayMaya, Bayad Center outlets, 7-Eleven branches, Palawan Pawnshop or Palawan Express Padala or thru DragonPay. 

You will also receive a text message once you have made your order to remind you of your payment just like the text I had received above. Once you've made your payment, processing document starts one day after your payment.

Certificates will be delivered within 3-4 working days within Metro Manila but 3 to 8 working days if you live outside Metro Manila. You also have to make sure there's someone home to receive your document with your authorization letter and a copy of your ID in case you won't be home. Of course, delivery time may take a little bit longer for those locals with granular lockdowns so you may expect the possibility of having some delay. But usually the documents arrive on time. But just to be sure, allot some extra time because we never know when Covid surges again. is authorized by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) to handle online requests and nationwide delivery of PSA certificates. With 22 years in service, has catered to millions of Filipinos over the years, making issuance and processing of certificates more convenient for every Filipino household. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post, Opinions expressed are my own. 

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